Eternal Review

For several centuries, the Kahill Sept of vampires have lived in the little town of Clare Point. They are a close group of vampires who know they have to keep their secret from humans, as they’ve learned the hard way.

Special Agent Fia Kahill works for the FBI and has moved away from Clare Point. She now lives a quiet life in Philadelphia. When a gruesome murder happens in her old home town, she is called there to investigate even though it is out of her jurisdiction.

Upon arriving at the scene she meets a fellow FBI agent named Special Agent Glen Duncan. Glen is a human, investigating in Clare Point. He is bound to find out their secrets if he looks too closely. Even worse, he looks exactly like Ian, Fia’s former lover who betrayed and killed numerous vampires.

Ian was human and therefore died hundreds of years ago, but Fia can’t help but remember him while talking to Glen. How can she ignore her feelings for this attractive man? Fia knows that humans are dangerous and will hunt down and kill vampires if given the chance. She needs to keep her distance and keep her feelings in control.

The case that has brought Fia and Glen together is that of Fia’s cousin Bobby Kahill. Bobby was found beheaded and burned in the post office of the town. The only way to kill a vampire (in this book) is to behead them and then burn their body so their soul can’t reenter. Whoever killed Bobby knows a lot about vampires to kill him in this way.

When one after another, vampires are killed off by beheadings, Fia realizes she has a very dangerous vampire slaying serial killer on her hands. Will she be able to solve the case before Glen does and learns the town’s secrets? Will Fia be able to resist Glen and concentrate on the case?

ETERNAL is a vampire romance/CSI type story with a solid mystery, sexy romance, and thrilling suspense. The characters are plentiful and all important to the story. The ending is extremely intense and full of red herrings that will make you wonder who the killer really is. I thoroughly enjoyed Eternal and I look forward to more books by V.K. Forrest. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to paranormal and mystery fans.

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