Review of Dark Lies by Vivi Anna

I just finished reading Dark Lies by Vivi Anna tonight. I read it so quickly that I didn't even have a chance to post that I was reading it! Great book! Here's my review.

After falling in love with Caine the vampire and Eve the human in BLOOD SECRETS, Vivi Anna now brings us a story about one of her secondary characters from the first book. Jace Jericho is a werewolf and part of the Otherworld Crime Unit in Necropolis, home of the Otherworld people. In Blood Secrets, Jace helped solve the last case that involved a serial killer who used ritualistic symbols at the murder scene. Everyone thought the case was solved and finished. They were wrong.

The Crime Unit in San Antonio, home of the humans, has called the Otherworld Crime Unit asking for their help. A murder has happened in San Antonio and it is very similar to their last case, the one they thought was solved when the killer was apprehended. The Otherworld Crime Unit travels to San Antonio to work the case. Jace is very hesitant to return to the human world after living a tormented childhood and he now forever distrusts humans.

When the team arrives in San Antonio, they meet a woman named Tala Channing who will be working the case with them and watching over the Otherworld people. Jace has an instant animal attraction towards Tala. Tala is human and Jace is baffled by his attraction to her. While working the case he finds himself very drawn to her in an intimate way. What is it about this mysterious woman that makes this werewolf hunger to be near her? How can she make him feel this way?

Together the Otherworld Unit works alongside San Antonio’s Crime Unit to solve the murder. Do they have another serial killer on their hands or is this connected to their last case? Is it a human murderer, or an Otherworld murderer? How will they solve the case when they don’t know who or what they are hunting? With the help and skills of their entire Unit, the case is put together one piece at a time. In the mean time, Jace has to solve the mystery of Tala. Can he fight his feelings for her or will he succumb to falling for a human?

DARK LIES is an intense, CSI/paranormal romantic suspense that will leave you mesmerized and enchanted. Lyra the witch and Jace the werewolf make a great team and I adored the use of some magic mixed in with everything else. The story is well thought out, the characters are engaging, the suspense is exciting, the romance is sexy and heartfelt, and everything just falls into place perfectly in this book!

I honestly can’t think of one thing that I disliked about DARK LIES. It just left me enchanted as if under a spell with its romance and suspense. I am so happy to hear that Lyra is getting her own story in the third Valorian Chronicles book, VEILED TRUTH. I hope this series is very long because I am eagerly eating up these stories. DARK LIES was even better than BLOOD SECRETS and I would highly recommend it to readers who enjoy paranormal, romance, suspense, and mystery in their books because this book has it all.

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