Review of Unlucky

Mallory Devereaux is unlucky. She’s dealt with her horrible bad luck her entire life. Men don’t want anything to do with Mallory once they realize that one touch from her will give them hours of misfortune. Her friends love her and know by now to keep their distance if they don’t want bad things to happen to them too.

Mallory works as a foreman for a demolition company since she is good at destroying things and it’s pretty much the only job she can do where her unluckiness won’t cause accidents and get her fired. Her boss is Harry, a man who has raised her since she was a kid. Mallory uses her unique skills of misfortune as a ‘’cooler.’’ When there is a pool game or betting involved, she works her magic touch so someone else wins and is rewarded for her efforts.

Mallory’s friend Scooter tells her about a big poker tournament taking place on a casino boat owned by her uncle. He lets Mallory know in case she would like to be a cooler and make some extra money. The only problem is, almost everyone invited to the tournament is involved in the mob or other criminal activities. If they found out she was purposely making them lose, they wouldn’t be too happy with her.

Mallory’s boss Harry is in trouble with the demolition business. The note for the business is up for sale and if he’s bought out, that leaves him and Mallory out a job. Mallory decides to take the job as a cooler so she can make the money that Harry needs to keep the business.

A mysterious man named Jake is a dealer at the casino. He’s really undercover with the FBI to take down a money launderer who will be at the tournament. When Jake and Mallory meet, sparks fly and so do their hormones. But Mallory can’t be with a man, with her bad luck and all. And Jake can’t flirt with Mallory while he’s supposed to be concentrating on his case with the FBI. But somehow their problems are coincided with each other and they will have to work together if they want to take down a room full of criminals. Will Mallory be able to work her magic and win the money to save her job? Will Jake be able to take down the bad guy without his cover being blown?

UNLUCKY is a fun romantic mystery that readers will enjoy. The storyline is unique and different; taking place in a casino with a girl whose touch is bad luck. I enjoyed the play by play of casino action and the romance developing between Mallory and Jake. The mystery is full of surprises and the conclusion was satisfying. I would recommend UNLUCKY to cozy mystery readers who enjoy a fun whodunit with some romance in the mix.

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