To Catch a Cheat Review

Marissa Kincaid wanted love. She didn’t want to be cheated on again and again. Now that she has found out that she has been cheated on by yet another boyfriend, she’s had enough. Marissa decides to create a website called TheGuyCheats.com, a database of cheaters to warn other women of their philandering ways. She starts her list with the first guy who ever cheated on her and that is a man named Trent Jackson. Sure he was only thirteen years old and it’s been a long time, but he is the one who started it all.

Trent Jackson is all grown up and the CEO of Jackson Enterprises. After googling his name and finding himself listed on the cheating database, he decides to strike back and gain some publicity while he’s at it. Trent creates TheGirlLies.com, a database of girls who lie. Marissa and Trent engage in an internet war between their two websites and gain a lot of attention from the media.

When a popular radio show hears about them, they are invited to the show for a taping. This means Marissa would have to see Trent for the first time since they were thirteen years old. She wasn’t prepared for this, but something else is going to shock her even more. The radio show has issued a challenge for Marissa and Trent. The challenge has an excellent prize that will help Marissa’s career but her true feelings threaten to put a bump in the road for her.

TO CATCH A CHEAT is a hilarious, sexy, romantic story about never giving up on finding true love. Marissa and Trent’s interactions together are intense and you can’t help but want them to end up together. The story moves along at a fast pace with a delightfully clever storyline that is sure to keep you glued to the pages. Kelly St John explores the topics of love and cheating with the grace of a gifted writer. I adored the characters and the story in TO CATCH A CHEAT and I think you will too.

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