Blood Dreams Review

Dani Justice and her twin sister Paris have known about their psychic abilities since they were children. Now they are all grown up and using their unique abilities to help solve crimes. They are a part of Haven which is a civilian run organization of psychics who help solve crimes.

The latest case is of a serial killer who has eluded the police for a long time. He’s killed the senator’s daughter and a cop before. Now he’s after women who are petite and child like in appearance. One after another, unsuspecting women are kidnapped and killed by this sadistic predator. The FBI’s Special Victims Unit is pulling together all of their resources to find this predator before he claims more lives. FBI agent Noah Bishop receives the assistance of Haven’s psychics to help solve this murdering spree.

Dani’s psychic abilities are strictly while dreaming. She has premonitions of bad things that are going to happen. Her latest dream is a really hard one to solve. She keeps dreaming the same thing over and over again each night. The serial killer kidnaps someone Dani knows and she’s trying to find the room in a warehouse where he has hidden her. But every time, the door shuts and there is a sense of doom at the end of every dream. Dani knows the dream is warning her that this is going to end in disaster and death. Will Dani be able to put the pieces to the puzzle together before the people she loves become yet another victim?

Blood Dreams was a fascinating story with a unique plot. It had so much promise and I was really excited to find out what happens at the end of the mystery. Unfortunately, the whole storyline was a build up for a big nothing at the end.

There wasn’t a big climatic finish, intense scene or big revelation at the conclusion of reading Blood Dreams. The story had so much potential and then it just let me down at the end. The story doesn’t close all loose ends and the reader has to wait for the next book in the series for answers. The psychics and all the dreams leading up to the conclusion were great, but then the big finale fell flat and left me disappointed. Overall, Blood Dreams is an interesting mystery that will keep you glued to the pages but if you’re looking for an intense thriller with a fantastic ending, then you might not enjoy this story.


  1. Great interview!

    I think the ending is a major part of any book and I really don't like books that build you up and then...nothing. That sucks.

  2. Thanks! Review you mean not interview. :)

  3. I'll be reviewing this sometime before the end of the month. I really enjoyed the last one, now I'm even more curious about this one. :)

  4. Yea, I thought of you when I was writing my review. I'm curious to see what you will think of it as we all have different opinions. :)What is the name of the book before this one?

  5. Nice review. I love the title of this series, and the idea, and I may check it out - from the first one on, though. And really, there is NO reason a book can't be self contained, even if it is part of a series. Being part of a series is no excuse for a non-ending.

  6. Sometimes it's really amazing to read other reviews, because we all see something a little different. The one before this is Sleeping With Fear.

    How are you doing with catching up?

  7. Hi Carolyn! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah I was very unhappy with the ending to Blood Dreams. It was a good book but for all the suspense to lead up to a big nothing at the end, really annoyed me.

    I JUST read a review somewhere for Blood Dreams by someone else and they loved the book. I was kind of surprised since I thought the ending was such a let down. But everyone has different opinions.

    Hi Kimberly! I'm almost done with Devour. I'm still really behind. Trying my best to catch up.


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