Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Some Last Minute Gift Ideas:

Giftcards!! YES!! People like them!! Here's a list of some great places to get giftcards for!

1. Amazon: You can get tons of things on Amazon, not just books. The possibilites are endless!

2. B&N : I tend to like the bookstore giftcards better because I like to pick out the books and browse them and all that stuff.

3. Target or Walmart: These make great gifts because people can buy anything here. Electronics, books, makeup, clothes, video games, music, movies, towels, sheets, blankets, lotions, medicine, anything!

4. Nail salon or Hair Salon gift cards: These make awesome gifts too! Who doesn't love to be pampered?!

5. Restraunt giftcards: These are cool gifts too because it's nice if you're ever low on cash to have a free dinner out at a nice restraunt!

6. Movie giftcards: I love them!

7. Blockbuster or other video stores: This my fiance loves. He is constantly renting movies and games. You can't go wrong with a giftcard to this place.

I hope I helped you think of some last minute ideas. And if you don't want to go out and brave the crowds, remember you can always buy a giftcard online and just send it to the person's email. B&N, Target, Walmart, Amazon. You can just buy it online.


  1. I love B&N gift cards! They are so cool!!! I love B&N period, but the gift cards are even better! :D

  2. Me too. Nothing better then a B&N giftcard. :)

  3. I agree - B&N and Borders GC are awesome, I was thinking of getting my mom a Bath & Body Works GC and a B&N for my dad.

    I got a giftcard to Blockbuster that I got months ago and still haven't used, lol.


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