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I'm 156 pages into Midnight Awakening now. I've never read the other books in the series and I have alot of questions. Can someone give me some backstory or is it too complicated to explain? It just sucks going into a series without having read the other books sometimes. Alot of authors explain alot so you can pick up anywhere in the series, but there's somethings I dont understand.
For instance, what happened to Rio? He's hurt and stuff and I dont know what happened to him in the previous book. They dont explain it. Also the characters dont seem to be described that much. It's almost as if they did it already in the first book so they dont do it anymore in this one. There are descriptions but not enough for me coming in new to this series. I am liking the book though. It was hard at first since I didnt understand some of it but it's better now.

What is the difference between the different groups? Breeds, Rogues, etc. I feel like I have to go back and read that again. The Rogues are the bloodsucking bad guys right? The Breeds hunt them? But theyre all vampires, all the groups?

How did Elise and Taegan meet in the last book? Was there alot about them in that book or did they just meet and that was it? Is Elise human? When you drink a Breed's blood, you become a vampire too or no? Why does Elise here all these voices? How did she get her gift? See I need answers! HELP, Wendy I know you read these books! HELP! LOL It's not totally necessary for me to know this stuff but it would make it more enjoyable for me while reading if I know the answers.


  1. LOL! alright, I'm in school right now but let's see if I can remember some stuff.

    Okay, Rio's mate cheated on him with a Roque because she had some plan of making him not fight anymore and need the bad dude's help. I can't remember the details ... and I really hope have the right person, lol.

    Diff between Breeds & Roques - Roques are what the name says, they don't bother with the "rules" and are like you said the bloodsucking bad guys that the Breed hunt. They're ALL vamps - just one's good, other's bad. The Order are the warriors that hunt the Rogues, The Breed are the "civilians."

    Crap, I don't remember how they met! but I think Lara just wrote how they meet, so it was probably very little. Elise's a vamp but since she lost her mate she won't drink another's blood and that makes her age like humans so I guess technically she's human now. I'm not sure how they turn vampire, though. Maybe it's just drinking their blood and that changes your body chemistry.

    Voices? Gift? Um, no idea, lol! I haven't read this book yet!

    I hope I helped somehow, I really hate starting a series with the wrong order 'cause you missed a lot of stuff.

    And hey! if you have any more questions why don't email Lara?? here's her email: lara@laraadrian.com.

  2. I'd feel funny emailing her since I'm reviewing it. Maybe after I'm done I'd ask her. Thanks Wendy! Sorry about mentioning the voices and gift. I thought it was mentioned in a previous book. It's really interesting. From what I read, it sounded like Elise is human. I may be wrong though.

    Don't fall asleep in school! :)

  3. Oh and Wendy I won those four books by Scott Westerfeld! :) YAY!

  4. You're welcome and it's okay, no harm done!

    You did? That's so GREAT! I know you really wanted them, yay!! :)

  5. Yup, I won. :) I was the only person who did all three things to get the most points so I won. :) So happy. I really wanted them. They sound so good. I like to read a variety of genres and these are YA Sci Fi and sound so interesting.

    What are you read Wendy?

  6. oops that should read: What are you reading Wendy? I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix it. LOL

  7. I just reread what you said Wendy about how Elise is human now because of her lack of a mate to feed blood from. I get it now. I guess that makes sense.

    I just figured once you've been turned a vamp, you stay a vamp. Do you ever get confused with all the different ''vampire rules'' in different books? Such as in some books vampires can go out in the day but in other books they can't? Or in some books vampires can be killed this way... but in other books only in this way? LOL

    I know vampires arent real so of course there's going to be different ways authors are going to dream them up, but I get confused after reading so many vamp books! LOL

  8. I so get confused too! gah, TOO many rules, lol.

    Right now I'm rereading How to Marry a Millionary Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks 'cause it's a funny book and I have no news ones to read!

  9. that was supposed to be Millionaire! :)

  10. You have NO new books to read?!! OMG! You poor soul! You have no idea how many books I have. If you lived near me I could give you BOXES of books to last you forever! LOL Check your email!

  11. LOL! my poor soul..heheh. Nah, it's good that I don't have any news ones mostly because I don't have it to distract me from studying, you know?

  12. Let me see if I can answer the other few questions for you. :) They met when Elise's son had to be killed (Crimson turns them, and there's little hope of recovery).

    Elise is psychic, she can hear the thoughts of those around her, but she's seriously lacking the ability to block it (when she goes out she blocks what she can by using the MP3 player).

  13. Thanks Kimberly! I finished tonight and it was FANTASTIC! Gonna put my review up tomorrow after I write it. :)

  14. Wonderful Rachael, glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)


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