Really Something Review

Allie Dean has returned to her small hometown of Tempest, Indiana after a seven year absence. She is now 170 pounds lighter and looks like a different person. Allie used to be Allison Grey a 300 pound teenager who was in love with a popular football player at her school named Duncan Henry. But Duncan stood Allie up at the prom and broke her heart.

Now Allie is all grown up and a location scout for a production company in California. The production company is looking to film a teenage horror film and is in need of a scary and hopeless location that will convey fear and despair. The first place Allie can think of is her hometown of Tempest. She hasn’t been home to see her family or anyone in years but she figures better now then never. Plus while she is in town she can woo Duncan with her hot new figure, win his heart, and then break it and leave him like he left her.

The only problem with Allie’s plan is that she is starting to really fall for Duncan all over again. Duncan has no idea who Allie really is and neither does anyone else. Allie’s new looks have fooled the whole town and now is her chance to be the person she’s always wanted to be. When Allie sees Duncan’s aunt’s house, she realizes it’s the perfect location for the movie. But when Duncan refuses to let the movie production company film there, Allie discovers there’s a lot more to Duncan Henry then she previously thought.

How will Duncan react when he finds out who Allie really is? Will Allie and Duncan have a happily ever after or will Allie’s betrayal and lies tear them apart?

Really Something is a sweet and romantic story about discovering yourself and finding true love no matter what your obstacles are in life. I’ve read several other romances with a similar storyline but this one was poignant and heartfelt. This was my first book by Shirley Jump and I look forward to reading her other novels.


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