7 Facts About Me

I've been really busy with work so I haven't had any time to post lately. Wendy tagged me to name 7 Random Things about myself so here they are!

1. My hair is super thick, puffy, fluffy, poofy, and unmanageable. If I use a blowdryer it becomes this huge puffy mess. So I tend to just wear it back in a pony tail with lots of gel. When I go to the salon they somehow perform a miracle of making my hair pin straight and flat and gorgeous. Oh and they charge me extra for having thick hair! DESCRIMINATION I TELL YOU!

2. I'm really pale. I've always been pale and I've never had a tan in my life.

3. I am a true friend. If for any reason a friend needs me or is having a problem, I am there in a second.

4. I am a book snob. I really don't care for very thick books. UNLESS it's by an author I love then that's different. I guess it's easier to say it's the long articulate books that I don't care for. I used to give up on books after only 5 pages before I became a book reviewer. Now I have to force myself to stick with the books. I am a huge book snob though because I can be very picky about what I like.

5. I have a fiance. We've been together 6 years and engaged for about 3 yrs. We don't plan on marrying right now. We have a long engagement planned. I'm still young so there is no rush. People ask us constantly when is the big day. I give those people evil looks. LOL

6. I'm a lefty. And I have a circle shaped brown birthmark on my ankle. When I was little my mother told me that it was going to keep growing and growing until it took over my whole body. I believed her.

7. When I was little my mother read my brother and I a book of scary stories. In the book, there's this lady with a scarf around her neck sitting on a swing. Little kids would come up to her asking her why she always wore that scarf. At the end of the book, the lady takes off her scarf and her head falls off. Apparently, the scarf was holding her head on. My brother and I screamed like maniacs (we were only like 6 and 8 yrs old) and we hid underneath the dining room table with the book. My brother sat on the book to hide it from my mom and we were hysterical for hours. When my mother mentions this story now, she cracks up because she thought it was pretty funny.

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  1. That's SO discrimantion!! LOL.

    I'm with you on no. 2, I've never really wanted to tan, I like paleness.

    Book snob! lol. I'm really picky about what I read too, I think it's good because when I wasn't picky I ended up getting all these books that yeah were a good first read but not good enough to keep them around, you know?

    I can't believe she told you guys that story when you were little! But I admit, it's pretty funny.

  2. Okay...Rachael,

    First, I have thin hair, whispy hair. I'd kill for think hair. Heck, I'd even be willing to pay the "Thick Hair" charge!

    I think we are all a bit of book snob. We have our likes and dislikes. And pale isn't a bad thing.

    My daughter dated the man who is her husband for about three years before they got engaged. So my daughter went through the whole, "So when are you going to married thing, too." It drove her crazy. So good luck with dealing with those snide questions.

    Fear of growing birthmarks is new phobia I hadn't heard about. (Smile)

    Now, about that book your mom read. I can see how that could have scared you. My mom used to tell us to behave or she was going to pinch our heads off. Now, I knew she wouldn't do that, but the images that created were downright ugly.


  3. Hello!

    In defense of my mother, she had no idea that the book would be so scary. It was a book of different scary stories, fit for kids. She had no idea it would be like that but I do remember her LAUGHING as we screamed. I guess it was pretty silly but for kids it scared the hell out of us. LOL

    Hi Christie! I will gladly trade hair with you. When I went to the beauty palor with my friend, I was told by the woman doing my hair that my hair is like doing my friend's hair 5 times. LOL I tend to visit salons with wet hair because it looks alot thinner then. Also I ask for prices BEFORE they start doing my hair because they tend to jack up the prices are feeling tired from my massive hair.


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