The Break - Up Diet

I recently found this really cool website for a new author whose book is coming out on February 14, 2008. The book is called The Break Up Diet. It's a memoir by Annette Fix. I'm going to be reviewing this book, but I haven't read or received it yet since I just found out about it yesterday. I normally don't blog about a book before I have read it but this one sounds really good. Here's a description of it from Amazon:

In her hilarious and heartbreaking memoir, The Break-Up-Diet, Annette Fix shares her story about how she always believed in happily-ever-after and was busy working her Five-Year Plan: marry her golf-pro boyfriend, home school her preteen son, become a famous writer, and retire to Fiji. When her live-in boyfriend calls it quits, Annette finds herself on The Break-Up Diet, consuming vast amounts of chocolate and exercising poor judgment by diving blindly into the shallow end of the dating pool. Working as an exotic dancer to bankroll her aspiring writing career and support her son alone, Annette uses her blue-collar instinct to survive in the plastic jungle of The OC. Annette's adventures take her on a wild ride as she attempts to find the perfect balance between her dreams and her day-to-day life as Supermom. The Break-Up Diet a book for hopeless romantics, seekers of princes, believers in happily-ever-after, queens of their own castle, and readers who love books that make them laugh and cry and nod their heads, saying--'I've been there.'

Annette has an excerpt on her site and a video blog of her talking!

Edited to say: Coming soon Annette will have a free e book to download to help people who are dealing with a breakup and even a support group for people who have recently been dumped.

So check out her blog and post to her in her comments section telling her what you think of everything. Her blog is http://thebreak-updiet.blogspot.com/and her main site is http://www.thebreak-updiet.com/

Pre order it on Amazon here


  1. Rachael,

    Thank you so much for the shout-out about my book! =) I'm really excited to get everything going--especially the Break-Up Story Forum. You can either get to it from the book website you listed in your post or you can go to it directly through the forum's direct url: www.mybreakupstory.com. I just thought it would be a great way for women to share and read and relate to what we've all gone through. =)

    I noticed you mentioned the free Break-Up Survival Guide. I'm actually working on that now. Unfortunately, it won't be ready until just before the book launch. There are a ton of fun things I have planned. So, stay tuned!

    P.S. Your copy of the book is in the mail now. =)

    Thanks again for being so excited about my story!

  2. Hi Annette!
    I loved the video blog of you. That was really cool and a great way to reach out to your readers. I can't wait to read it. Maybe after I read it, would you like to come back here for an interview?

  3. Sure! I'd love to do an interview! =) After you read the book, see if you still want to! LOL

  4. Hi Annette!
    I got the book in the mail, thanks! I have some reviews books that I already have had for a while that I need to review first, but I will be getting to yours very soon. I am sure I will love it. It's been calling my name telling me to read it now. LOL :)


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