The Devil Inside Review

Morgan Kingsley is an exorcist. You know those people who exorcise demons out of you like in the movies? If the demon can’t be exorcised out of the person, then they must be burned alive. So you can see why Morgan takes her job pretty seriously, after all she’s saving lives.

Morgan’s latest exorcism is that of a possessed little girl. During the exorcism, things get a little crazy and the girl reaches out and touches Morgan’s bare skin. Being touched on your skin by someone who has a demon in them is a sure way to become possessed yourself. But for some weird reason, nothing happens to Morgan. She’s the same person as before and she goes home wondering about the day’s event.

The next morning Morgan awakens to find a note from herself telling her the reason she didn’t become possessed is because she already is. Shocked and scared out of her mind, Morgan just assumes it’s not true and she wrote this while sleepwalking or something. But the notes keep coming and so does a mysterious sexy demon. The demon named Logue comes to Morgan only while she is sleeping, and he has some scary and interesting news for Morgan the exorcist. See, Morgan IS possessed and he is the demon possessing her. But Logue doesn’t want to be in her body and he can’t take control of it anyway since she is so strong and fighting him.

When Morgan ends up in near death situations, she finds out that someone is trying to kill her to kill the demon inside her, Logue, who is someone VERY important to the demon world. Will Morgan survive the attacks and be able to free herself of the demon or will someone exorcise it from her and kill her?

THE DEVIL INSIDE is an extremely intense dark urban fantasy novel that will leave readers breathless with suspense and anticipation. The story is told in a rapid fire, strong first person narration by the main character Morgan Kingsley. Morgan’s character is determined, strong willed, tough but in a likeable kind of way, and you will root for her to become the victor in her battle with demons.

There is S&M and extreme violence with some erotica elements throughout this book. They’re a bit shocking but they represent the characters’ personalities and make them who they are. Some readers may be very disturbed by the violence as was I, but the story is written so well that I was able to deal with the not so pleasantness. This is not a paranormal romance so don’t expect a happily ever after. This is mostly urban fantasy with lots of action, demons and a great mystery raveled all into one.

I was captivated by Jenna Black’s writing and I look forward to reading her next book in this new series. THE DEVIL INSIDE is dark and scary but it’s ORIGINAL and SO DIFFERENT from anything else out there in Urban Fantasy. If you are looking to try something new, original and fresh, I think you will find THE DEVIL INSIDE to your liking.


  1. I think I may have to try this one. The violence may be much for me, but it sounds interesting enough for me to give it a go.

    Thanks for the review!~

  2. You did a great job warning about the difficult parts and getting your point across that you still really enjoyed it! This was definitely at the top of my list for 2007. It was so shocking at times, and yet you finish reading it and can't help but love the fact that it was so daring and unique. :)

  3. Like Kimberly said, you did a really good job noting the difficult parts that might surprise or even deter a reader from the book. Excellent review!

  4. Thanks for the lovely review! I, too, think you did a nice job of preparing readers for some of the darker aspects of the book. I think they're easier to take if they don't come as a complete surprise. (Then again, I warned a friend of mine about it, and when she finished the book, she said she was disappointed because it wasn't as risque as she'd expected based on my description!)

  5. Hi Jenna Black!!!!!

    That review is for Night Owl Romance but I always post my reviews here too. Just wanted to let you know it will also be featured there. I'm so pleased that you found my little blog and left me a comment!! Can I interview you on here? I have so many questions about this new series!!

  6. Thanks Chari Dee, Kimberly, and TC for your kind words! Chari-dee it's an excellent book and I think you would really enjoy it. Very addicting new series!!

  7. Jenna said yes to an interview!!! YAY!!!! So exciting, my first on here!! Now I must think about all the questions I have for her!!

  8. I loved this book and I even liked the violence! mostly because it complimented the gritty UF plot. I can't wait for the next one.

    I'm so glad you liked the book! and of course that's an amazing review.

    And I can't wait for Black's interview, woo!

  9. Oooo...I'll be watching for that interview! :)


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