I Lost My Mojo Again

I feel like I am getting a little bit of a cold. I just feel kind of crappy so I don't have much to update with right now. I'm still reading Noone Heard Her Scream. I haven't read much in the last couple days. I received some books from Amazon in the mail today that I bought with birthday giftcards. That was fun. I also got some books from one of the review sites in the mail. I am overflowing in books in my room and I really need to get reading! I wish I could read a book a day because that way I can get through them all. Well once I feel better I am sure I can read faster. I hope everyone is having a great weekend full of lots of great reading!


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling crappy and that you've lost your mojo again. :(

    I think I might have unintentionally stolen it too, because after too days of being all "meh" about reading, I'm reading Eternal with my normal gusto, yay! LOL.

  2. You're stealing mojo again, Wendy? You must be stopped! *Superman theme* lol

    I'm sorry you feel crappy. If it's any consolation, I have a stomachache myself. It may be my asthma acting up, or the cold weather wrecking hell on my sinuses, but I don't feel too well either. I'm reading a bit slower myself. :(

  3. t.c. - lol! I really didn't mean too. ;) I'm sorry you don't feel well, either.

    What is it with everyone getting sick?!

  4. You'll get back into it in no time. Sometimes you just need a few days to unwind and not push. :) Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well (and you too T.C.!). Get better soon!

  5. TC you crack me up!

    Wendy I am glad you're enjoying Eternal! Great book! Wendy it was 15 degrees in NJ for the last couple of days. It was 30 degrees today. And the weirdest thing is theyre predicting it to be in the 60's next week! And you ask why we're sick! HA. It's the weather that does it.

    Kimberly: I hope I get my mojo back!

    I just found this really cool site called www.spacesavers.com. They have all these cool things to organize your closet and everything.

    And I dont know if anyone knows this but Walmart has $4 prescriptions on medicines for everyone, people who don't have insurance and people who do. They have a list of medicines online. I beleive it's generic brands, 30 day supplys, for $4. Just go to www.walmart.com and click on Pharmacy and then $4 Prescriptions in the drop down menu. Then scroll down the page till you see Included Medications and then click on the category that your medicine falls under to see if it is on the list.

    Yes I am browsing the web. Can't you tell? LOL I was actually looking for bookshelves online when I came upon all this other crap. LOL

  6. Rachael - ohmygod, you were looking yup bookshelves last night? ME TOO! wow, this is weird, LOL.


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