My Favorite New Authors Week

After interviewing Jenna Black who is a fabulous new author, I realized there are so many new authors out there who I would LOVE to tell other readers about! I have lined up TWO of my favorite new authors for blog interviews on here. I think everyone will be very excited when they hear about their books. So get ready for a bunch of author interviews, one a day, for what I will call My Favorite New Authors Week! Can you feel the excitement? LOL


  1. I can feel the excitement, I can, I can!

  2. Aww I cant tell you...hehe. You will see very soon. :)

  3. Oh this is way neat! I love reading new to me authors and too those I read, ,I love to chat about them! So I saved this so that I come here more to visit!

    One of my goals for this year was to start a journal of what i'm reading so I can go back a nd look at what I read, etc. I bet I'll bbe adding books from discussing here!

  4. Hi Caffey!

    Yes come back and visit me often!


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