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Ghost of a Chance Review

Karma Marx is a transmortis anomaly exterminator or in other words she exorcises spirits and entities to the Akashic Plain where they dwell in perpetual torment until they are released. Karma has been working for the Akashic League exterminating spirits because she was charged with wergeld for an accidental murder. Karma is also half poltergeist which gives her special abilities that mere humans don’t have.

Karma’s marriage to Spider has been shaky for a while but after receiving some disturbing pictures, she’s had enough of his sick ways. Karma wants a divorce. The only problem is Spider wants Karma to clean aka exterminate one more house before he grants her a divorce. This house is one that Spider bought from a poltergeist named Adam. Karma doesn’t know the whole story about the house when she arrives to exterminate and is shocked when she meets the owner, Adam, still living there.

Karma has a habit of not truly exterminating the houses she cleans. Sometimes she tends to take the spirits back to her home as house guests and unbeknownst to her Spider is well aware of her dirty little secret. Since Karma can’t be trusted to do the job right, Spider shows up at the house with his partner Meredith. An argument ensues over who the rightful owner of the house is, and along with a couple other people, the house is put under a seal by Adam. Everyone is trapped in the house until the seal is released and questions are answered.

When one of the ‘’house guests’’ ends up murdered, everyone is a suspect. Secrets are uncovered and pasts are brought back to the surface. No one trusts each other and there is a murderer amongst them. Will Karma and Adam be able to find the killer before they murder another person?

GHOST OF A CHANCE is a paranormal murder mystery with a surprise ending. While the mystery was tightly plotted, I found the ending to be implausible and out of left field. Some of the subject matter is too dark for the light humorous tone of the story and feels out of place. I struggled to finish this short book because of the lack of characterization and blandness of the writing. Several made up words are used to describe things in the Otherworld, but they are never fully explained.

GHOST OF A CHANCE reads like a young adult book but the darker subject matter make it too much for a child to read. I wasn’t thrilled with this book and wouldn’t recommend it.


Hex Education Review

Sophie Stone is fourteen years old and doesn’t want to move out of her hometown in LA. She’s leaving all of her friends behind and has to start all over in a new school and new town. Mythic, Massachusetts is known for its history of witches who lived there centuries ago. The whole town is odd and Sophie is reluctant to be there.

Sophie’s parents are rather eccentric and she is constantly embarrassed to be known as their daughter. Her father, Spookie Stone, is a famous horror filmmaker and her mother is just as unusual. Sophie takes pride that she is so normal and not gothic like her parents. That is until Sophie finds out she isn’t so different after all.

Sophie befriends a group of girls who are popular and have a great sense of style. She immediately feels drawn to them as they are to her. While Sophie pursues Linc, a popular bad boy at her school, his pseudo girl friend Corey, attempts to put a stop to their romance. Sophie also becomes friends with a nerd named Paul who her new friends gravely dislike.

Sophie starts to realize that strange things happen when she becomes upset. Glass shatters, the weather changes, and she can even do unusual things if she puts her mind to it. One of Sophie’s teachers gives her a mysterious rule book that goes blank when she tries to read it and then has her name in it. What is this book? Why is she the only person who is unable to read it?

Sophie finds out that her new friends and herself have a lot in common, specifically that they are witches who need to save the town from a dangerous witch. But without knowing who the evil person is, they are unable to put a stop to the dangerous storms and destruction that this person is causing. Will the girls be able to save the town and learn more about their powers or will the evil witch succeed in their mission of causing complete chaos?

HEX EDUCATION is an enchanting and charming story that I read in one sitting. It’s a really fun book for all ages, not just teenagers. I am an adult and I absolutely loved this book. HEX EDUCATION is pure reading enjoyment. I love books about magic and witches so this one was a joy to read. I could see this book becoming a movie. I hope this dynamic duo of Gould and Jaffery turns this into a series because I would love to read more about these characters!

New Poll Up

Ok I changed my poll. It wouldn't let me edit it to allow multiple answers so I just started a new poll. You CAN pick multiple answers now. The only thing is Blogger wouldn't let me list more then 5 categories for the answers! I wanted to know your favorite genre and wanted to give multiple choices but it wasn't posting right everytime I did it. Even though it says you can add another line or whatever it says, it wouldnt show up when I posted. So that is why I combined some categories and all. I wish it would let me list more!

Reading Faster Advice!!

I have a question for fast readers out there... what is your secret to reading so fast? If you aren't enjoying a book do you keep on reading it or skim read? How do you read a book a day?? Any advice out there on how I can get through my review pile quicker? Wendy suggested that I read one that I'd like to read, then one less interesting, then another good one, then a less interesting one again. She thinks it will help me speed it up a bit. I've been kind of slow lately because alot of the books I've been reading haven't been that good, as you can tell by my negative reviews. I know I need to turn off the TV so I can read more, but now with working I am so tired with less and less time to read. GIVE ME YOUR READING TIPS PLEASE!!!

Next Up

Next up is Hex Education which is a YA paranormal - chick lit- witchy book. It's only 192 pages and looks like it will be a quick fun read. I love the cover for it. So cute!

No One Heard Her Scream Review

This is the book I reviewed for the newspaper. It won't be in the paper until April when it is released but I thought I might as well post my review here now since the website already posted it too. Here's the review:

No One Heard Her Scream is the debut book by new author Jordan Dane. A young girl named Danielle Montgomery was abducted and presumed dead after the police were unable to find her body.

Now five months later, her older sister, Detective Rebecca Montgomery is dealing with the aftermath and emotions of coming to terms with Danielle’s murder. Rebecca is banned from investigating her sister’s case and this leaves her frustrated and begging for answers to this senseless crime.

Rebecca’s assigned to a new case that does anything but take her mind off her sister. An old movie theatre was set on fire and in a wall, the bones of a young girl are found. The girl was around the same age as Rebecca’s sister and she can’t help but feel emotionally involved in this horrific case. Rebecca wants to find the culprit and get closure for the girl’s family.

As the story progresses, the tension rises. There’s some very sadistic people kidnapping young girls and they won’t stop until they are caught and behind bars. Will Rebecca be able to solve the case or will she find herself caught in the killer’s web?

No One Heard Her Scream is a romantic suspense novel that is heavy on the suspense and light on the romance. The story starts off rather slow but quickly picks up in tension and excitement when Rebecca starts to put the pieces to the puzzle together.
My only complaints are the lack of characterization and the bland romance between the two main characters. The romance felt forced and there wasn’t enough dialogue and development in their relationship.

There are some disturbing scenes involving explicit rape and foreshadowing of molestation. Even though this book is marketed as romantic suspense, it’s more of a thriller than romance.

As for the suspense, I quite enjoyed the tension and thrills. The story is tightly plotted full of red herrings and explosive fight scenes. The ending is satisfying and that is a major plus. This is the first of three books coming from Dane and I look forward to reading her future novels.

Moving Target Review

Ani King’s life dramatically changed after she witnessed the murders of her entire family by the Russian Mafia. After narrowly escaping gunfire, Ani has been hiding in the Witness Security Program for the last two years. She’s changed her name from Ani Carter to Ani King and is not allowed any contact with anyone from her former life for fear of her safety.

Deputy Marshall Daniel Parker was assigned to her case and has kept her safe and in hiding. But one phone call made by Ani to a former associate puts her life in danger. The trial is in two days and Ani will be giving a testimony against the people who killed her family. But the Russian Mafia is on her tail and wants to take her out of the equation before the trial. Will Daniel be able to protect Ani from the men that want her dead?

Daniel and Ani haven’t seen each other in two years and usually only communicate by telephone. Their relationship has progressed over the phone and feelings have developed between them. After Ani gave up her cover with a phone call to an old friend, Daniel comes to get Ani and goes on the run with her. With a full team of security, Daniel stays by Ani’s side day and night guarding her life. But all of this close proximity to each other is driving them crazy and sparks fly between them. Will Daniel put his job in jeopardy by sleeping with the witness that he is supposed to be protecting? Will the Russian Mafia find Ani and take her out before the trial?

MOVING TARGET has a compelling premise and sounded really interesting to me. I enjoy romantic suspense novels so I thought I would like this one too. Unfortunately, the romance borders on the line of erotica with crude words and the suspense is minimal compared to the erotica elements. I didn’t care for the characters and I didn’t believe the romance between Daniel and Ani. It felt like they were just sleeping together to have something to do to pass the time.

I would have preferred more of a storyline, more suspense, and more character development. The romance isn’t romance, its erotica and left me with a bad taste. There is page after page of sex scenes with barely any storyline except that the couple is on the run from the Russian Mafia. This was my first book by Cheyenne McCray and I am rather disappointed with it. I would recommend this book to readers of erotica but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to people looking for a romantic suspense.


Happy Birthday Wendy!!

Well it's not 12:00 yet so I didn't totally miss her birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!! I hope you had a fabulous day. I'm so sorry I haven't had the time to post on here lately but I've been so busy with work. I'm trying so hard to catch up with all my review books and even asked one of the sites not to send me anymore books until I catch up. So I have no incoming books, so hopefully I can catch up. But then there's the constant temptation of emails with books on offer! I just have to look around my room and see that it will take me a million years to read all the books I have and realize I need to not ask for anymore! LOL

Believe it or not, I am still sick. I've been sick on and off for about 3 weeks now. I feel better and then the sniffles and coughs come back out of nowhere! Did anyone watch the Grammy's the other night? What do you think of Amy Winehouse? I don't get what is so wonderful about her. I was watching her performance and all I could think is ''wow she looks so high!'' the whole time. I dont get how she won so many Grammy's when she was recently caught on tape smoking crack. Not exactly a role model.. But she seems like a kind soul and I do feel sorry for her. I just dont get what is so great about her singing. I like that song Rehab but I dont get all this hoopla.

Anyway, on to Britney Spears..I am totally obsessed with all the drama surrounding her. I totally dont get how her father legally was able to just take control of her life like this. It's insane. I told Raymond that I'm going to hire Britney legal counsel since she isn't allowed to hire her own. LOL It's just crazy what's going on with her..

Anyway I think I have lost my reading mojo again. I am saying this in the hopes that Wendy gives it back to me....LOL

Well it's late and I must get to bed. Hopefully I will have more books read and actual reviews for you guys to read on here soon! I just wanted to post so you know I am still here and don't forget about my little blog! :)


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The Break Up Diet Review

The Break Up Diet, which is being released on Valentine’s Day, is the true story of how new author Annette Fix survived and overcame the end of her relationship with her ex boyfriend Kevin. Annette thought Kevin was the man for her, her one and only true love, her soul mate. But Kevin thought differently and after two years called it quits. The shock and pain of being abandoned by the person she loved left Annette completely devastated and unable to move on with her life.

In her diary, Annette wrote about Kevin and how she felt like there was no one else for her but him. Annette used her diary entries as inspiration for her book which is in diary format and told in first person point of view.

Annette worked as an exotic dancer for six years to support herself and her son; but she still had big dreams of moving to Fiji, becoming a writer, and getting married. All of her aspirations went out the window when Kevin left her. Until one day, Annette meets a man who actually cares about her like no other has before. He encourages her to pursue writing full time and whole heartily believes in her. Will Annette end up with her prince charming or will her ex boyfriend Kevin and her feelings for him come between her and a second chance at love?

THE BREAK UP DIET is a romantic, humorous, inspiring and beautiful story about starting over after a relationship abruptly ends. Any person who has ever gone through heartbreak will find joy and solace in Annette’s story. The writing was engaging and very humorous at times.

Every chapter begins with a recipe with emotions as ingredients instead of food. This adds a humorous undertone to the serious subject of depression and heartbreak. This memoir was very interesting and had a chick lit flavor to it. Annette Fix is an excellent writer and I look foward to reading another book by her.

Killing Fear Review

Theodore Glenn is a serial killer who denies one of the murders that he is accused of committing. First he dated the strippers he met at the club, then he had sex with them, then he brutally killed and tortured them. But Theodore is adamant that one of the murders, that of a stripper named Anna Clark, was not done by him. Why would a serial killer who is already going to be serving a lifetime in jail, lie about one of the murders? All the evidence adds up to the perpetrator being Theodore by he swears he didn’t do it.

Robin McKenna was friends with all the strippers who ended up murdered by Theodore. She even testified that he was the killer at a trial. Now, Theodore is infuriated with Robin for laying another murder on him and wants his revenge.

After an earthquake leaves the prison unsecured and open for prisoners to escape, Theodore takes advantage of the situation and breaks out of prison. He fleas the prison and with the help of a woman who wrote him in prison, he plans his next murder.

Theodore stalks Robin waiting for the perfect opportunity to make her the next victim on his list. In the mean time, Detective Will Hooper is on the look out to put Theodore back behind bars. He knows that Theodore will hunt down Robin and get his revenge. Can Will protect Robin from a brutal serial killer or will Theodore complete his mission of exacting his revenge on the woman who put him behind bars?

KILLING FEAR is a compelling mystery that will keep you turning the pages trying to put the puzzle together. The ending was a surprise but it didn’t leave me that satisfied. Allison Brennan readers who enjoyed her last trilogy may be disappointed on the lack of suspense and action in this new book. KILLING FEAR reads more like a Law and Order episode of detectives investigating a crime, than a suspenseful thriller. The story dragged at points and I felt like the book was too long. I adored Fear No Evil and Speak No Evil by Brennan and was expecting a book with the same level of suspense.

Overall, KILLING FEAR is a good book but the suspense takes a backseat to the investigation part of the story. I am still a big fan of Allison Brennan’s books and I look forward to the next two books in this new trilogy with the hope of a more suspenseful story.