The Break Up Diet Review

The Break Up Diet, which is being released on Valentine’s Day, is the true story of how new author Annette Fix survived and overcame the end of her relationship with her ex boyfriend Kevin. Annette thought Kevin was the man for her, her one and only true love, her soul mate. But Kevin thought differently and after two years called it quits. The shock and pain of being abandoned by the person she loved left Annette completely devastated and unable to move on with her life.

In her diary, Annette wrote about Kevin and how she felt like there was no one else for her but him. Annette used her diary entries as inspiration for her book which is in diary format and told in first person point of view.

Annette worked as an exotic dancer for six years to support herself and her son; but she still had big dreams of moving to Fiji, becoming a writer, and getting married. All of her aspirations went out the window when Kevin left her. Until one day, Annette meets a man who actually cares about her like no other has before. He encourages her to pursue writing full time and whole heartily believes in her. Will Annette end up with her prince charming or will her ex boyfriend Kevin and her feelings for him come between her and a second chance at love?

THE BREAK UP DIET is a romantic, humorous, inspiring and beautiful story about starting over after a relationship abruptly ends. Any person who has ever gone through heartbreak will find joy and solace in Annette’s story. The writing was engaging and very humorous at times.

Every chapter begins with a recipe with emotions as ingredients instead of food. This adds a humorous undertone to the serious subject of depression and heartbreak. This memoir was very interesting and had a chick lit flavor to it. Annette Fix is an excellent writer and I look foward to reading another book by her.


  1. This sounds good. I love the recipe thing. I'm impressed you get all these early releases. The title is fantastic. Do you think chick lit is sort of coming back?

  2. Did I just write that entire comment in weirdly short, shotgun sentences?

  3. I didn't know this was a true story, but it sounds like a good read. :)

  4. I didn't know chick lit ever wasn't in. LOL This isn't a chick lit book though, it's a memoir. I just meant that it has a chick lit flavor or feel to it the way it's Sex and the City gossipy like. It's really a fun book and I enjoyed it alot.


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