Happy Birthday Wendy!!

Well it's not 12:00 yet so I didn't totally miss her birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!! I hope you had a fabulous day. I'm so sorry I haven't had the time to post on here lately but I've been so busy with work. I'm trying so hard to catch up with all my review books and even asked one of the sites not to send me anymore books until I catch up. So I have no incoming books, so hopefully I can catch up. But then there's the constant temptation of emails with books on offer! I just have to look around my room and see that it will take me a million years to read all the books I have and realize I need to not ask for anymore! LOL

Believe it or not, I am still sick. I've been sick on and off for about 3 weeks now. I feel better and then the sniffles and coughs come back out of nowhere! Did anyone watch the Grammy's the other night? What do you think of Amy Winehouse? I don't get what is so wonderful about her. I was watching her performance and all I could think is ''wow she looks so high!'' the whole time. I dont get how she won so many Grammy's when she was recently caught on tape smoking crack. Not exactly a role model.. But she seems like a kind soul and I do feel sorry for her. I just dont get what is so great about her singing. I like that song Rehab but I dont get all this hoopla.

Anyway, on to Britney Spears..I am totally obsessed with all the drama surrounding her. I totally dont get how her father legally was able to just take control of her life like this. It's insane. I told Raymond that I'm going to hire Britney legal counsel since she isn't allowed to hire her own. LOL It's just crazy what's going on with her..

Anyway I think I have lost my reading mojo again. I am saying this in the hopes that Wendy gives it back to me....LOL

Well it's late and I must get to bed. Hopefully I will have more books read and actual reviews for you guys to read on here soon! I just wanted to post so you know I am still here and don't forget about my little blog! :)


  1. Awww...I'm sorry you're still sick. And don't worry about your loss of mojo - it happens to me too. :) As for Britney, well...it's hard to keep up with everything about her.

    Grammys: Yes, Amy looks high and smashed. But, I did manage to catch a very good performance at a pre-Grammy party. Chris Daughtry and Chad Kroeger (the duet of dreams) singing "Born on the Bayou" - oh, boy, what a performance! I love it! Two sexy guys growling through a song like that...yummy. :)

  2. Side note: Having read my above comment now, it makes it sound like I was actually at the pre-Grammy party - which I wasn't. Only in my dreams. If I was, there would've been no performance of Chris and Chad because I would've tackled Chris to the ground. Just for clarification. :)

  3. TC you're too funny. I love Chris Daughtry too. I didnt see the pre Grammy performance of theirs! I wish I did. I loved him on American Idol.

  4. Oh, we won't forget your little blog. I hope you get well soon.

  5. Just copy and paste that address into your address bar. I thought it was clickable. :P

  6. Oh, by the way, could you possibly change your link to my blog to http://enemyofenemies.wordpress.com/? I'm into video games.


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