Killing Fear Review

Theodore Glenn is a serial killer who denies one of the murders that he is accused of committing. First he dated the strippers he met at the club, then he had sex with them, then he brutally killed and tortured them. But Theodore is adamant that one of the murders, that of a stripper named Anna Clark, was not done by him. Why would a serial killer who is already going to be serving a lifetime in jail, lie about one of the murders? All the evidence adds up to the perpetrator being Theodore by he swears he didn’t do it.

Robin McKenna was friends with all the strippers who ended up murdered by Theodore. She even testified that he was the killer at a trial. Now, Theodore is infuriated with Robin for laying another murder on him and wants his revenge.

After an earthquake leaves the prison unsecured and open for prisoners to escape, Theodore takes advantage of the situation and breaks out of prison. He fleas the prison and with the help of a woman who wrote him in prison, he plans his next murder.

Theodore stalks Robin waiting for the perfect opportunity to make her the next victim on his list. In the mean time, Detective Will Hooper is on the look out to put Theodore back behind bars. He knows that Theodore will hunt down Robin and get his revenge. Can Will protect Robin from a brutal serial killer or will Theodore complete his mission of exacting his revenge on the woman who put him behind bars?

KILLING FEAR is a compelling mystery that will keep you turning the pages trying to put the puzzle together. The ending was a surprise but it didn’t leave me that satisfied. Allison Brennan readers who enjoyed her last trilogy may be disappointed on the lack of suspense and action in this new book. KILLING FEAR reads more like a Law and Order episode of detectives investigating a crime, than a suspenseful thriller. The story dragged at points and I felt like the book was too long. I adored Fear No Evil and Speak No Evil by Brennan and was expecting a book with the same level of suspense.

Overall, KILLING FEAR is a good book but the suspense takes a backseat to the investigation part of the story. I am still a big fan of Allison Brennan’s books and I look forward to the next two books in this new trilogy with the hope of a more suspenseful story.

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