Moving Target Review

Ani King’s life dramatically changed after she witnessed the murders of her entire family by the Russian Mafia. After narrowly escaping gunfire, Ani has been hiding in the Witness Security Program for the last two years. She’s changed her name from Ani Carter to Ani King and is not allowed any contact with anyone from her former life for fear of her safety.

Deputy Marshall Daniel Parker was assigned to her case and has kept her safe and in hiding. But one phone call made by Ani to a former associate puts her life in danger. The trial is in two days and Ani will be giving a testimony against the people who killed her family. But the Russian Mafia is on her tail and wants to take her out of the equation before the trial. Will Daniel be able to protect Ani from the men that want her dead?

Daniel and Ani haven’t seen each other in two years and usually only communicate by telephone. Their relationship has progressed over the phone and feelings have developed between them. After Ani gave up her cover with a phone call to an old friend, Daniel comes to get Ani and goes on the run with her. With a full team of security, Daniel stays by Ani’s side day and night guarding her life. But all of this close proximity to each other is driving them crazy and sparks fly between them. Will Daniel put his job in jeopardy by sleeping with the witness that he is supposed to be protecting? Will the Russian Mafia find Ani and take her out before the trial?

MOVING TARGET has a compelling premise and sounded really interesting to me. I enjoy romantic suspense novels so I thought I would like this one too. Unfortunately, the romance borders on the line of erotica with crude words and the suspense is minimal compared to the erotica elements. I didn’t care for the characters and I didn’t believe the romance between Daniel and Ani. It felt like they were just sleeping together to have something to do to pass the time.

I would have preferred more of a storyline, more suspense, and more character development. The romance isn’t romance, its erotica and left me with a bad taste. There is page after page of sex scenes with barely any storyline except that the couple is on the run from the Russian Mafia. This was my first book by Cheyenne McCray and I am rather disappointed with it. I would recommend this book to readers of erotica but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to people looking for a romantic suspense.

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