No One Heard Her Scream Review

This is the book I reviewed for the newspaper. It won't be in the paper until April when it is released but I thought I might as well post my review here now since the website already posted it too. Here's the review:

No One Heard Her Scream is the debut book by new author Jordan Dane. A young girl named Danielle Montgomery was abducted and presumed dead after the police were unable to find her body.

Now five months later, her older sister, Detective Rebecca Montgomery is dealing with the aftermath and emotions of coming to terms with Danielle’s murder. Rebecca is banned from investigating her sister’s case and this leaves her frustrated and begging for answers to this senseless crime.

Rebecca’s assigned to a new case that does anything but take her mind off her sister. An old movie theatre was set on fire and in a wall, the bones of a young girl are found. The girl was around the same age as Rebecca’s sister and she can’t help but feel emotionally involved in this horrific case. Rebecca wants to find the culprit and get closure for the girl’s family.

As the story progresses, the tension rises. There’s some very sadistic people kidnapping young girls and they won’t stop until they are caught and behind bars. Will Rebecca be able to solve the case or will she find herself caught in the killer’s web?

No One Heard Her Scream is a romantic suspense novel that is heavy on the suspense and light on the romance. The story starts off rather slow but quickly picks up in tension and excitement when Rebecca starts to put the pieces to the puzzle together.
My only complaints are the lack of characterization and the bland romance between the two main characters. The romance felt forced and there wasn’t enough dialogue and development in their relationship.

There are some disturbing scenes involving explicit rape and foreshadowing of molestation. Even though this book is marketed as romantic suspense, it’s more of a thriller than romance.

As for the suspense, I quite enjoyed the tension and thrills. The story is tightly plotted full of red herrings and explosive fight scenes. The ending is satisfying and that is a major plus. This is the first of three books coming from Dane and I look forward to reading her future novels.


  1. ...Did we read the SAME book?! LOL. I liked this one, obviously. I liked the suspense, it was awesome, maybe I didn't noticed the "bland" romance since I was focusing more on the suspense.

    And I just started reading her second book - No One Left To Tell. Hope I like it too! :)

    Great review!!

  2. Thanks Wendy. I know it's so weird that you loved the book and I found it so slow at the beginning. It did get better but literally the first 200 pages were way too slow for me. I guess I am used to fast paced books that grab my attention right away and I don't like to wait for things to happen.

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