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Not Quite a Mom Review

NOT QUITE A MOM is the newest book by Kirsten Sawyer, author of NOT QUITE A BRIDE. In this story, we are introduced to Elizabeth Castle. Elizabeth works in LA as a fact checker on a tabloid TV show. She loves her job but wishes she had her own TV show or something more then just spouting out Jennifer Aniston’s true hair color and the weight of the latest anorexic celebrity.

Elizabeth left her hometown of Victory, California and never looked back since. She isn’t necessarily proud of the small hick-like town she grew up in. She hasn’t returned to Victory to visit any of her old friends or even her own parents. But fate has its own ideas on how to pull Elizabeth back home.

On the same night that Elizabeth becomes engaged to her long time boyfriend Dan, she receives a call from her old prom date Buck Platner. Buck is a lawyer back home in Victory and has some bad news for Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s old best friend from high school, Charla Dearbourne, has died in an accident along with her husband. Buck informs Elizabeth that Charla’s will appointed her the guardian of the child, Tiffany, and he needs her to look over and sign the papers to finalize the guardianship.

Unfortunately, a fifteen year old girl isn’t exactly in Elizabeth’s life’s plan. So instead of doing the right thing and handling the situation, Elizabeth decides to unplug her phone and avoid talking to Buck about the orphaned teenager.

Buck Platner has harbored feelings for Elizabeth ever since their high school prom. He feels that Elizabeth is his one and only true love and the one that got away. Buck hopes that he can win a second chance with Elizabeth when she returns to Victory to meet with him about Tiffany. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is avoiding talking to Buck and is newly engaged. How will Buck win Elizabeth over if she is already taken by another man?

NOT QUITE A MOM is a contemporary romance that moves along at a fast pace with hilarious ‘’get your man back scheming’’, ‘’what is the right thing to do’’ situations, a love triangle, and a touch of pop references that will put a smile on your face.

I was reluctant to like the main character Elizabeth Castle after the way her character acted throughout the story. The characterization of her was done very well because she is vividly real and acts like a real person, flaws and all. I enjoyed this story but I did have several problems with it. I didn’t feel like Elizabeth’s character was ever redeemed of her heartless ways. Even though there are scenes where she is supposed to have changed, it just wasn’t believable to me. Also the ending was too abrupt and left me unsatisfied.

However, I did enjoy this book despite the small nuances that I had with this story. Sawyer’s writing is personable and keeps the reader interested. I look forward to her next novel with the hopes of another fantastic story.



My friend Wendy has an awesome contest on her blog for a giveaway of Jennifer Rardin's newest book Biting the Bullet!! Visit Wendy's blog and post to enter her contest. This is book three in Jennifer Rardin's FABULOUS series. I read books one and two and absolutely loved them! Don't miss out on these books!!!
Tell Wendy I sent you!


One more book..

When I posted my list of books that I bought from B&N, I forgot one. Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge. I've seen this cover alot on various websites so when I saw it in the store I decided to pick it up. Now I have a huge pile of paranormals and urban fantasy novels to dive into sometime in the future when I have time. They are all calling my name and demand to be read NOW. LOL

I have a massive pile of laundry to do and I am not looking foward to it. I'm starting to get a cold again, somehow! Maybe it's because I run around with no coat on, who knows. LOL Well Happy Easter to everyone. I'm just home relaxing about to do laundry. I have work tomorrow, which totally sucks since I feel like I haven't relaxed at all this weekend yet. I went out to eat last night with my mom and her husband and Raymond and we didnt get home till 11:30 pm. Then I was up till about 1 to wind down and woke up early today. So I just don't feel well rested or relaxed or anything.

Well maybe if I get going on laundry now, then I can relax earlier later. And then I can read, read, read, read. Yay. Happy Reading and Happy Easter everyone!


New books!!

I went to B&N today and bought all these books with my giftcards from Christmas. The first book I bought was Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. These are the books that started it all for the Showtime Series. I'm crossing my fingers that the books are as good as the TV show.

I bought the Karen Chance books because I've heard alot about them and would love to try them. The covers are gorgeous and they just sound really good.

I bought this book because of course I wanted both books 1 and 2. Couldn't just get one could I? LOL

I bought the Patricia Briggs book because I've heard that they're excellent so I am lining them up on my shelves to read them. I have the first two books and I believe this is number 3. Alot of people rave about them so I have to try out her books.

The Ilona Andrews book I bought was because Wendy raved about how wonderful her books are so I wanted to try them. Unfortunately the second book isn't out yet so I could only get book one. But that's a good place to start.

I feel silly buying books when I have SO many already and haven't even touched my TBR pile in so long. I think once tax season finishes, I am going to try to cut back on all the reviewing or I will never get to read everything I have. It's hard to say no to free books though and I have ZERO self control! What does everyone think of the books I bought? Tell me how wonderful these authors are so you can excite me into reading them! :)


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Magic or Madness Review

Magic or Madness is the first book in the Magic or Madness trilogy by Justine Larbalestier. In the first installment, the reader is introduced to a fifteen year old girl named Reason Cansino. Reason was raised by her mother Sarafina alone in the Australian outback. For all of Reason’s life they’ve been on the run, never having the luxuries of friends or living in a nice house. But when Sarafina ends up hospitalized due to a mental problem, Reason is left all alone with no one to take care of her. No one except for her grandmother Esmeralda.

Reason knows all about her grandmother from the stories her mother Sarafina has told her. She’s been told her grandmother is an evil witch who does horrifying sadistic practices with magic. The last thing Reason wants to do is leave her mother’s side and live with this crazy stranger, her grandmother. But when she is placed with Esmeralda, she has no choice but to survive and find a way out.

While searching the huge house that Esmeralda lives in, Reason finds a strange key. After some researching, Reason realizes the key opens a locked door in the house. Where does the door lead to? Why does Esmeralda always leave it locked? Does something magical exist on the other side of that door? What will happen if Reason opens it?

Magic or Madness is enchanting, magical, and all around a beautifully told story that swept me away and made me want to escape right along with Reason Cansino. The characters are vivid and easy to imagine, from their looks, to their voice in the narration of the story. The book moves along at a fast pace as the reader runs away with Reason on her search for answers. No one can be trusted and we don’t know if anyone is who they really say they are.

Magic or Madness is original and just so different from anything that I’ve ever read. Adults and children can both enjoy this book as it is written for both audiences. I absolutely loved and adored every word and everything about this book. I would heartily recommend Magic or Madness to anyone who enjoys the feeling of being taken away and immersed into a fantastic novel. I greatly look forward to reading the other two books in Justine Larbalestier’s trilogy.


Contest on Linda's Blog!

Isn't that a gorgeous cover?!! Linda has Anya Bast on her blog from March 15th to the 21st answering questions about her Elemental Witches Series. Post a comment on Linda's blog for a chance to win a copy of Witch Blood!


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Killer Knots Review

KILLER KNOTS is the newest installment in Cohen’s Bad Hair Day Mystery Series. This time the story takes place on a cruise ship. We last met Marla Shore, hair dresser and salon owner, in the previous book Perish by Pedicure. Marla is engaged to a cop named Dalton Vail. Dalton’s parents treated the couple and Dalton’s daughter Brianna to a vacation but little does Marla know they plan coming along with them on the cruise.

Marla dealt with Dalton’s ex in laws in the previous book and she is rather worried about meeting his parents. To make matters worse, the seating arrangements for meals on the cruise was screwed up, so now Marla and Dalton won’t even be sitting with Brianna or her future in laws.

At Marla’s table is a group of people who all work in a museum together. They were also gifted with a free vacation, but from an unknown benefactor. Marla learns that an artist that she once posed for has recently died and all of the museum workers are suspicous about his death. The artist’s last painting was stolen from the museum and there’s even a counterfeit scam artist replacing real works with the counterfeit ones. How will Marla relax and enjoy her cruise when there is a mystery to solve?

One by one, several museum workers become hurt and missing. After putting some clues together, Marla starts to believe that a killer is onboard the ship and he may be the same person responsible for the artist’s unexplained death.

The missing painting serves as a major clue for Marla to find the killer. Something or someone is depicted in that painting and if she could only get her hands on it then she could catch the killer.But this hard working hairdresser was not meant for detective work and finds herself in a dangerous situation. Will Marla be able to catch the killer before he claims another victim?

KILLER KNOTS is a fun cozy mystery that kept me guessing until the exciting conclusion. I’ve never been on a cruise before but felt like I was on one while reading this mystery. The day to day activities, shopping, overeating, overspending, and gambling, were fun to read about and really made me feel like I had experienced the cruise myself. I would definitely recommend KILLER KNOTS to cozy mystery fans that are looking for an enjoyable book to read.



Richelle Mead has released the cover for Georgina Kincaid book 3, Succubus Dreams. This book is due out October 2008. I haven't read any of her books yet but I am dying to try them. I like this cover but I don't like the way her back looks in it, a little too thin. And her face looks a little weird, like she's either a vampire or high on something.

For some reason, I don't like covers that show the character's face on them. I perfer the cover to have the person's back to me or something. I like to picture the characters myself so that's one reason I don't like to see faces. BUT with that said, I do like the city backround of the picture, I just don't think the girl looks that good in this picture.

What do you think? Have you read Richelle Mead's books? What series by her do you like the most?

I have Vampire Academy and Succubus Blues in my To Be Read pile, but unfortunately my To Be Reviewed Pile is in need to be read first. I hope to read her books soon because they sound so good! Richelle Mead has red hair, so I thought it interesting that the girl on the cover has red hair too...

A Trip to the used bookstore...

Well I haven't read AT ALL this entire week because of a bad sinus infection. I had a vertigo problem where I would get dizzy everytime I looked down at words or numbers. I would feel nausious and my ears were hurting really bad. I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic and some other fun things to make me feel better. I feel alot better now and I hope to get back to reading this weekend. I was supposed to have off from work yesterday, Friday, but I worked. Tax season ends mid April so after that I will have plenty of reading time to catch up.

It's raining and dreary in NJ today but that didn't stop me from venturing out to my favorite used bookstore. It was a mess in there since they're trying to ''reorganize''. LOL But they still accepted my books as a trade in. Some books they didnt take so I lugged them back home. I did get some new books though. :)

These book covers here are the books I bought today. I already read Dirty Laundry a long time ago, but from the library, so I wanted to own a copy. Stupid and Contagious is the first book written by Caprice Crane. I read her second book, Forget About It, which I loved. Can't wait to read this one now. Burning Bridges and Bring It On are urban fantasy books in a series. Neither of them are book one which I didnt realize when I got them. They sounded interesting and have some mixed reviews. Allison Brennan is my FAVORITE author so of course I had to get What You Can't See which has a story of hers in it. The Jim Butcher books are books 1 and 3. They didnt have book 2. My library has them all but Wendy told me theyre really good so I figured I should buy them. They were in brand new condition too. They didnt have anymore of his books unfortunately. I'm sure I won't get to read any of these for quite a while though since my never ending review pile is growing every day..

Has anyone ever heard of or read any of Laura Anne Gilman's books?


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Summary from Amazon

KILLER KNOTS - A Bad Hair Day Mystery - Scissor-wielding sleuth Marla Shore is looking forward to a leisurely cruise with her fiancĂ© Dalton Vail. Too bad Dalton’s teenage daughter and his parents are along for the ride. Instead of a seduction at sea, Marla is meeting the in-laws and hoping nothing goes too terribly wrong.

It’s a vain hope. A mysterious envelope stuck into her cabin door reads: I know what you did and I have what you want. If it hadn’t been addressed to “Martha” Shore and obviously delivered by mistake, Marla might have feared it referred to the nudie pictures buried in her past. But that embarrassment would been better than what the note does foretell: troubled waters lie dead ahead.

So instead of cruise control, Marla’s on high-alert, searching for the note’s recipient before the cruise goes down the drain. If Marla doesn’t find the culprit fast, this spunky stylist may end up with her own split end: caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Hot Review

Historical romance author Elizabeth Hoyt has a new contemporary romance novel written under the name Julia Harper. The first book is called HOT and it definitely lives up to its title. Romance, mystery, action, and excitement make HOT a winner.

Turner Hastings is the local librarian and also works as a bank teller at The First Wisconsin Bank of Winosha. When two men hold up the bank wearing SpongeBob Squarepants and Yoda masks, she sees an opportunity. During the commotion, Turner steals the bank manager’s safety deposit key and takes the contents of the box. She knows her actions are caught on tape but she doesn’t care. Turner even smiles for the camera. Turner goes on the run from the cops and the FBI while she investigates her own private case, the reason for her actions.

FBI Special Agent John MacKinnon is assigned to Turner’s case and is the man in charge of bringing her down. When he sees her on the security tape, he is immediately smitten by her conservative looks and is curious about this mysterious woman.

After finding Turner’s cell phone number, John gives her a call to try to convince her to turn herself in. Surprisingly, one little phone call turns into a telephone relationship that puts John in an awkward position. John is starting to develop feelings for the woman that he is supposed to be hunting down to arrest. Will John help and assist Turner or will he do his job and arrest her?

HOT is a delightfully fun romance novel that is packed full of suspense, mystery and non stop action. The romance scenes were sexy, the writing is compelling, and the storyline is fun. I thoroughly enjoyed reading HOT and look forward to reading another book by Julia Harper.