Killer Knots Review

KILLER KNOTS is the newest installment in Cohen’s Bad Hair Day Mystery Series. This time the story takes place on a cruise ship. We last met Marla Shore, hair dresser and salon owner, in the previous book Perish by Pedicure. Marla is engaged to a cop named Dalton Vail. Dalton’s parents treated the couple and Dalton’s daughter Brianna to a vacation but little does Marla know they plan coming along with them on the cruise.

Marla dealt with Dalton’s ex in laws in the previous book and she is rather worried about meeting his parents. To make matters worse, the seating arrangements for meals on the cruise was screwed up, so now Marla and Dalton won’t even be sitting with Brianna or her future in laws.

At Marla’s table is a group of people who all work in a museum together. They were also gifted with a free vacation, but from an unknown benefactor. Marla learns that an artist that she once posed for has recently died and all of the museum workers are suspicous about his death. The artist’s last painting was stolen from the museum and there’s even a counterfeit scam artist replacing real works with the counterfeit ones. How will Marla relax and enjoy her cruise when there is a mystery to solve?

One by one, several museum workers become hurt and missing. After putting some clues together, Marla starts to believe that a killer is onboard the ship and he may be the same person responsible for the artist’s unexplained death.

The missing painting serves as a major clue for Marla to find the killer. Something or someone is depicted in that painting and if she could only get her hands on it then she could catch the killer.But this hard working hairdresser was not meant for detective work and finds herself in a dangerous situation. Will Marla be able to catch the killer before he claims another victim?

KILLER KNOTS is a fun cozy mystery that kept me guessing until the exciting conclusion. I’ve never been on a cruise before but felt like I was on one while reading this mystery. The day to day activities, shopping, overeating, overspending, and gambling, were fun to read about and really made me feel like I had experienced the cruise myself. I would definitely recommend KILLER KNOTS to cozy mystery fans that are looking for an enjoyable book to read.


  1. Thanks for your great review of my book!

  2. Hi Nancy Cohen!

    You're welcome. I reviewed it for Fresh Fiction so I am sure you will see it up there too. Great book!


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