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KILLER KNOTS - A Bad Hair Day Mystery - Scissor-wielding sleuth Marla Shore is looking forward to a leisurely cruise with her fiancĂ© Dalton Vail. Too bad Dalton’s teenage daughter and his parents are along for the ride. Instead of a seduction at sea, Marla is meeting the in-laws and hoping nothing goes too terribly wrong.

It’s a vain hope. A mysterious envelope stuck into her cabin door reads: I know what you did and I have what you want. If it hadn’t been addressed to “Martha” Shore and obviously delivered by mistake, Marla might have feared it referred to the nudie pictures buried in her past. But that embarrassment would been better than what the note does foretell: troubled waters lie dead ahead.

So instead of cruise control, Marla’s on high-alert, searching for the note’s recipient before the cruise goes down the drain. If Marla doesn’t find the culprit fast, this spunky stylist may end up with her own split end: caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.


  1. I see a tiny X in a square instead of the book cover. Stupid school computer.

  2. Hey Wendy
    I kept seeing an X too but thought it was only my computer. Thanks for letting me know, I fixed it now.

  3. This sounds like another fun cozy mystery series. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!


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