DIRTY MONEY is the newest book in the Parker Series and the continuation of the previous book NOBODY RUNS FOREVER. In NOBODY RUNS FOREVER, Parker and his partners in crime robbed a bank in transit. After finding the police were too hot on their tail, they had to leave the money behind in a safe keeping spot, an old abandoned church.

It’s only been a week since the robbery, so the police are still working in full force to find the culprits. They have wanted posters up and roadblocks everywhere to search the drivers and cars passing through the town. There is no way for Parker to just walk into the church and off with the money, without getting caught.

The serial numbers on the stolen money are all known by the police, so even if Parker does get his hands on the money, it’s useless unless he can launder it. Parker works with his contacts to find someone who can help him get clean money and a new identity. The police are just one step behind him and so close to catching him in the act. Will Parker be able to outsmart the police or will this be his last hurrah?

DIRTY MONEY is an exciting mystery that kept me turning the pages. This was my first book by Richard Stark so I was unfamiliar with the storyline. I would have liked more characterization and back-story of the previous books in the series.

I was disappointed by the incomplete and abrupt ending to the story. Readers must wait for the next book to find out what happens next. If you are fan of the Parker books, then I am sure you will be happy with this new installment.

If you are new to these books, then I suggest starting at the beginning of his series because this book doesn’t have enough back-story to explain everything going on. Overall, I enjoyed DIRTY MONEY and would recommend it to mystery fans.

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