Lady and the Vamp Review

A Wonderful Paranormal Romance with Plenty of Suspense and Action!!!

Janie Parker works as a supernatural assassin for the Boss from Hell. If an employee displeases The Boss, he kills them on the spot. Janie's latest mission is to retrieve a magical object called The Eye and bring it back to him. The Boss' seers had a vision of where they can find The Eye and that is by following a vampire and a werewolf to a diner. When Janie first spots the duo at the diner, she is shocked to see her childhood crush Michael Quinn, newly turned, but yet reluctant vampire.

Quinn is a former vampire hunter, who is now a vampire himself. He no longer hunts vampires but he doesn't want to be one either. Quinn was given a map to find The Eye from an old family friend. The Eye is known to grant one wish, once every millennium. Quinn wants to find it so he can wish to be human again. He is miserable as a vampire and doesn't want to drink blood or partake in the usual vampire practices.

Janie's job is to have Quinn lead her to The Eye and then steal it from him and give it to her boss. Unfortunately, the old familiar crush is still there and her feelings are interfering with her job. When Quinn realizes what Janie is after, there will be a fight to the finish to make sure she doesn't steal The Eye from him. This is his only chance to become human again and Quinn is not about to just hand over The Eye without a fight.

Janie has her own reasons for fighting so hard to find her prize. The Boss has claimed to know the whereabouts of her missing sister and will kill her if Janie doesn't do what he's asked. So when The Boss demands that Janie has to kill Quinn after finding The Eye, she is left with a heart breaking decision to make.

How can she kill the man who she's loved since she was a little girl? How can Janie choose between her own sister and Quinn? Will Janie and Quinn find The Eye or will sinister forces come in the way of their important mission?

LADY AND THE VAMP is a delectable treat from start to finish. The hunt to find the treasure was exciting and there was suspense on every page of this story. The romance and paranormal elements made this a joy to read. This is my first book by Michelle Rowan but I was able to follow the storyline without having read the previous books in the series.

I would highly recommend this book to paranormal romance readers who are looking for an exciting, suspenseful, and fun book to read. LADY AND THE VAMP is romantic, sweet, funny, and everything I could ask for in a story.


Dragon Wytch Review

Dragon Wytch is the fourth book in Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld Series featuring the D’Artigo Sisters. The three sisters work as operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency but live Earthside. Menolly is a vampire, Delilah shape-shifts into a tabby cat when she’s upset, and the third sister and narrator of this story, Camille, is a witch whose spells sometimes don’t work out quite right. The three sisters are half human and half-Faerie which makes them rather unique.

Centuries ago, there was a battle that resulted in Earthside and the Other World being separated into two different worlds. But something dangerous is going on since goblins, trolls and a unicorn are loose Earthside in Seattle. Camille receives a visit from a unicorn who happens to be a prince in the Otherworld. The unicorn has a special gift for Camille that must be treasured and kept safe from the people who are after it. Will Camille be able to properly use this new found magical gift?

Camille made a pact with a sexy dragon named Smokey and he has come to collect his prize. Camille must stay with Smokey for a week and he will do whatever he likes with her. In the meantime, Camille’s lover Trillian is on a dangerous mission in the Otherworld and her second lover Morio is worried about Camille being around Smokey.

Smokey becomes useful to the sisters while fighting demons and trolls Earthside. The human cops are getting killed trying to fight trolls and everything is run amok in the world. Will the D’Artigo Sisters be able to keep Earthside safe from demons and whatever else decides to cross the portal and reek destruction on their world?

Dragon Wytch is a thrilling, exciting and suspenseful new installment in this urban fantasy series. There are demons, trolls, vampires, faeries, elves, gargoyles, dragons, shape shifters and every kind of supernatural creature that you could think of in this book. Every page of Dragon Wytch sizzles with action, adventure, and magic. Yasmine Galenorn has cast a spell on me with her books!


News Blues Review

A Romance About Following Your Heart, No Matter Where it Decides to Take You

Maddy Madison is 27, single, and unhappy with her job. She works as a producer for News 9 but her job isn’t exactly news worthy. She is forced to write fluffy scripts about Cosmetics That Kill (even if they really don’t kill) rather than writing something meaningful that might make a difference in people’s lives. Maddy dreams of working for Newsline which is the ultimate prestigious job in journalism in her eyes. Unfortunately, Newsline isn’t calling and she is stuck at News 9.

When a hunky new photographer named Jamie Hayes becomes the newest employee at News 9, Maddy’s day is suddenly a bit more cheerful. Jamie is going to be Maddy’s personal photographer and she is giddy with joy that she will be working side by side with such a gorgeous man.

Maddy and Jamie get along great and their chemistry is very strong together. But when Maddy finds out that Jamie is due to get married in only 3 months, all her hopes and dreams go down the drain. Jamie is already taken and she isn’t the man stealing type of girl. How will Maddy cope with her feelings for Jamie and work with him when she is so attracted to him?

While working her fluffy news pieces, Maddy comes across a news story that could make her career. Maddy is told by her counterfeit purse seller that there is an underground drug tunnel in Mexico that is being used to smuggle drugs into America. The purse seller’s brother was murdered by the drug lords and he wants them exposed for the criminals that they are. He will personally show Maddy the tunnel and give her the inside tip, but this involves Maddy spying on the drug lords in Mexico and putting her life in extreme danger. Jamie offers to accompany Maddy on her trip as her cameraman and friend.

How will Maddy work in such close proximity of Jamie and not put the moves on him? Will Jamie and Maddy put their lives at risk by reporting this juicy news story? What will happen to Maddy and her job if her boss finds out she is working on a story that he did not approve of?

NEWS BLUES is an exciting book that sizzles with an interesting romance story and suspense that will keep readers intrigued. I adored Maddy and Jamie’s characters and the first person narration by Maddy made the story more personable. Maddy is your every day girl that just wants happiness and love in her life. She doesn’t want to be a home wrecker or the other woman to any man, but sometimes things happen and you can’t help who you fall in love with.

The writing in NEWS BLUES is heartfelt and compelling. I felt like Maddy was pouring her heart out to me, the reader, and I couldn’t help but love her flaws and all. I greatly enjoyed reading NEWS BLUES and I look forward to reading another book by Marianne Mancusi.


Weddings Can Be Murder Review

Katie Ray is due to marry Joe Lyons in just two weeks. She can’t wait for her best friend Leslie to arrive from Boston to help her with the wedding. Everything is going great, until Katie gets a case of the nerves and flushes her $8,000 engagement ring down the toilet by accident. With the wedding just weeks away, Katie starts to wonder if it really is true love and meant to be. Does she really love Joe Lyons or is she just anxious to live the married life with just anyone?

Carl Hades is an ex cop, turned Private Investigator, since he was shot in the shoulder in a bust gone wrong. He’s still wounded over his ex girlfriend leaving him and the last thing he wants is a serious relationship.

Carl receives a call from a wedding planner named Tabitha Jones offering him a job. One by one brides are turning up dead and they all have something in common. Tabitha was their wedding planner and she suggested the same DJ, florist, photographer, and baker for all of the brides. Tabitha suspects that one of them is the killer, so she calls Carl to work the case since the police aren’t being very helpful.

When Tabitha ends up dead with Katie and Carl as the only witnesses, fate pushes the two of them together. Sparks immediately fly between Carl and Katie and destiny takes over. Maybe Joe isn’t the man for her after all. What will happen to Katie’s engagement to Joe? Will Carl fall for Katie and make her realize true love does exist? Will Katie go through with her wedding or cancel it?

Weddings Can Be Murder is a fun romantic suspense type story that kept me intrigued from start to finish. There is humor, romance, mystery, suspense, and a great storyline that will leave readers glued to the pages. I adored Christie Craig’s writing and enjoyed this story as much as her previous novel Divorced, Desperate and Delicious.

The romance scenes were sexy and I laughed out loud over several scenes in this story. If you want a sexy romance that will put a smile on your face, a Christie Craig book is the way to go! I highly recommend Weddings Can Be Murder to romance readers who enjoy a good mystery along with their romance.


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Is it just me or are these covers really similar? These are the same models in both pictures right? I love both covers and they're very sexy pictures but I just feel bad that the covers are so similar! What do you think?


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The Accidental Werewolf Review

A Chick Lit Paranormal Romance Involving Werewolves!

Marty Andrews sells Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics for a living and is determined to make it in this business. She’s already reached Lavender Status so she’s almost there. One night while out with her teacup poodle, she gets bitten by what she thought was just another dog. But when Marty’s hair changes color, her legs become extremely hairy, and she starts craving meat when she’s a vegetarian, she starts to suspect something is wrong.

A gorgeous man named Keegan Flaherty shows up at Marty’s door with some disturbing news for her. He claims to be the dog that bit her, well not a dog, he’s a werewolf! So this means Marty Andrews is a werewolf too now. Marty refuses to believe Keegan and just writes him off as another crazy person. Keegan gives Marty his cell phone number because he knows she will need him when she realizes she is a werewolf.

Shortly after, Marty is kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car. While trying to fight her way out, she sprouts a tail! There is no denying she is a werewolf now plus someone is out to get her! Keegan comes to the rescue and whisks Marty away to protect her from her kidnappers.

Who would want to hurt Marty Andrews? How will she work for Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics when she is turning into a full grown werewolf? Can she just hide her tail and go back to life as it was before Keegan? Or will Keegan bring something new and exciting to Marty’s life, perhaps love?

THE ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF is a chick lit paranormal romance that I found hard to put down! Marty’s antics are funny and you can’t help but feel for this woman who just wants to fit in amongst her peers, tail or no tail!

THE ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF is the first book in a new series and I look forward to reading the next book Accidentally Dead due out in July 2008. Dakota Cassidy is a great new addition to the paranormal genre and I will definitely be reading her next book.


The Ex Debutante Review

Carlisle Wainwright Cushing grew up in Willow Creek, Texas. Willow Creek is a town full of old money families who are extremely wealthy. Carlisle left Willow Creek and moved to Boston three years ago to escape the craziness of her family. She became a successful lawyer and is engaged to a man named Phillip.

Carlisle’s mother needs her to come home to help with her latest divorce. Carlisle’s plan is to find her mother a good divorce attorney and then return home to Boston. But Carlisle’s mother doesn’t want any old attorney, she wants Carlisle! So like always, Carlisle drops everything and everyone in her life to be at her mother’s beck and call. She leaves her job and her fiancĂ© back home to help her mom save her assets in this nasty divorce.

When Carlisle left Willow Creek while in college, she also left behind the love of her life Jack Blair. Carlisle went to the same Law School as Jack but she left him when she started to realize he might hold her back from being successful in life. Carlisle swore to herself that she would never end up like her mother, a woman dependant on men for reassurance and happiness. Carlisle has pushed men away her entire life and has always been afraid to truly love and get close to someone.

Returning to Willow Creek, means returning to Jack Blair and all the problems she left behind. Carlisle agrees to be her mother’s attorney in the divorce case but she is in for a big surprise when she enters the court room and low and behold, there is her lost love Jack Blair, as the attorney for her mother’s husband!

How will Carlisle work a case against Jack when one look into his eyes makes her weak in the knees? Will Jack hate her for leaving him with no explanation three years ago?

While working her mother’s divorce case, Carlisle is also planning Willow Creek’s Debutante Ball. She needs to find eight wealthy girls who come from good families to showcase in the ball. The Symphony Hall is in need of money so Carlisle realizes the importance of picking just the right girls to make this Ball a success. But when the girls turn out to be less then classy, have no manners, and all hate each other, Carlisle realizes she has a lot of work to do to make this Ball succeed and make her mother proud. Will the Debutante Ball be a huge success or will Carlisle completely embarrass herself in front of her old hometown?

Even though Carlisle’s family is wealthy and has everything they could possibly ask for, they are still unhappy. Carlisle’s sister longs for a baby of her own, her mother longs for a man who won’t leave her and Carlisle longs for the man she loved and lost. Together these women will learn that love takes a lot of work and sometimes you have to follow your heart and see where it leads you.

The Ex -Debutante is a beautiful, eloquently written book that I absolutely loved. There is plenty of humor, romance, and heartfelt writing that will tug at your heart strings. There’s something special about the way Linda Francis Lee writes that really made me take notice. The story has many emotional elements that you can’t help but relate to.

The Ex - Debutante is about more then just a Debutante Ball. It’s about family, true love, friendship, and becoming the real you whether other people like it or not. The writing in this story is captivating and I was left very satisfied and indeed breathless as I read the last line in this book. Linda Francis Lee is definitely an author to look out for!


Biting the Bullet Review

Biting the Bullet is the third book in the Jaz Parks Series featuring CIA Assassin Jaz and her partner, Vayl, a three hundred plus year old sexy vampire. In this adventure, Jaz is working side by side with her twin brother David, and both of their crews, on a mission to assassinate The Wizard. The Wizard is a crazed necromancer who is controlling zombies. There’s only one problem with this mission, someone in David’s crew is a mole working for the Wizard. Jaz’s crew works independently to solve this case without the help of David’s crew since someone isn’t trust worthy in their bunch. Will everything they plan fail because of the mole?

In the mean time, Jaz has a Mark on her forehead that is causing Reavers to locate and attack her every day. Jaz is still coming to terms with her brother David and that traumatic night they both went through when their original crew was killed. Will Jaz successfully completely this mission by assassinating The Wizard or will unexpected problems cause disastrous results?

Vayl meets a woman Seer who tells him she can help him find his sons who he hasn’t seen in hundreds of years. She would like Vayl to turn her into a vampire as payment for her trouble. Jaz doesn’t like this idea and is infuriated at Vayl for him even considering doing this. While Jaz tries to figure out things, Vayl becomes distant with obsession over turning the Seer so he can see his sons. Will Vayl make a drastic mistake and hurt Jaz in the process? What will happen to them if he turns this Seer?

Biting the Bullet is a thrilling new chapter in Jaz’s story that will leave readers begging for the next book, Bitten to Death due out in August. This series is SO addicting that you will want all three books to read one after another, or you will go crazy waiting for the next book!! The characters are unique and wonderful, the writing is detailed and so vivid, and the suspense is exciting. I adore the Jaz Parks Series and I will count the days until I have the next book in my hands! Overall, Biting the Bullet is another superb book by the amazing Jennifer Rardin and will leaves readers immensely satisfied.


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Pay it Foward Contest..

My box of books giveaway ends at 12:00 eastern time which is in about half an hour. I have added three more books to the box to make it very very full now. Those three books are

The Dream Trilogy by Nora Roberts
1. Daring to Dream
2. Holding the Dream
3 .Finding the Dream

So now the winner will win 16 books, instead of 13. Kind of superstitious and 13 is supposed to be unlucky, so 16 is better. I think whoever wins this box will be VERY happy with their prizes. I will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon. Remember you need a blog to enter since you are promising to run a Pay it Foward contest on your blog within the year.

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I am giving away two ARCs. If you like Ellen Schreiber's Vampire Kisses, here's your chance to read the newest release before it hits shelves and win two collector's items. I'm offering the ARC of both the fourth and fifth books, DANCE WITH A VAMPIRE and THE COFFIN CLUB.

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Magic's Child Review

In the previous book in the Magic or Madness Trilogy, Magic Lessons, Reason Cansino acquired an extreme amount of magic as a gift from one of her ancestors. She can now do extraordinary things that no mere magical person can do. But her new magic is changing her. Reason no longer needs to eat, go to the bathroom, and doesn’t even feel the weather. Quickly, Reason is changing into what her ancestor was, which isn’t completely human. Is it worth it to live forever if you give up all the joys of life in the process?
Magic’s Child is the final book in the Magic or Madness Trilogy. Reason, along with her friends Jay- Tee and Tom must decide if having magic is worth dying young. Jay-Tee seems to think Reason will save everyone and has no worries even though she is on the brink of death. In the mean time, Reason’s grandfather Jason Blake is hunting her down. He is magic hungry and wants the Cansino Magic that Reason has acquired. He won’t stop until he gets what he wants, no matter who he hurts in the process.

Will Reason save her friends and family from magic and its madness or will Jason Blake get his claws on their magic and kill them? Can any magical people be trusted or is everything and everyone Reason has known a lie?

Magic’s Child is a bittersweet end to a beautiful, magical, enchanting trilogy that has captivated and amazed me like no other book has since the Harry Potter books. I have come to love the characters, both good and bad and had to read this book slowly, savoring every sentence, every last word. Magic’s Child was an amazing end to this trilogy. This final book answered all of my questions and ended with a very exciting twist that made me think of Voldemort and Harry Potter’s battles from the Harry Potter books. Magic is alive and vibrant on every page of this book. I will greatly treasure this trilogy and it will stay on my keeper shelf for a long time. If you haven’t yet read the Magic or Madness Trilogy, you must, must, must right away!!


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Go here to enter! You have to May 10th and all you have to do is tell her what kind of music you like to listen to!

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He turned his face to her. A shiver chased along her spine as he smiled in a way that had nothing to do with mirth. ''You are brave.''

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Marked by Moonlight Review

A new series with a Lycan Hunter falling for his prey, the werewolf!

Claire Morgan is a quiet mousey teacher who never stands up to her students or family. After getting bit by what she thought was a dog, Claire has radically changed practically overnight. She’s dressing sexier, has a new haircut, and is more confident and asserting herself like never before.

Claire is told by a Lycan Hunter named Gideon March that the night she was bit, it wasn’t by a dog. He was right there in the alley and saw with his own eyes when a werewolf attacked her. She even has the scar to prove it and her eyes have turned silver just like a werewolf.

Claire doesn’t believe Morgan and goes about her life like nothing has changed. But she can’t help but notice how her libido is in overdrive, how men finally notice her, how she can eat like never before and not put on a pound!

Eventually Claire accepts her fate that she is a werewolf. She hasn’t turned or killed yet so she still has her soul. Gideon March isn’t used to helping lycans; his usual tactic is to kill them with a silver bullet. But there’s something different about Claire that changes everything for him. Sure his job is to exterminate all lycans, but how can he kill Claire when he’s starting to fall for her?

If Gideon and Claire can find Claire’s alpha pack leader and kill him before the next full moon, then the curse will be broken and Claire will be human again. But if they don’t succeed and Claire turns and kills during the next full moon, then she will lose her soul and become a full fledged werewolf. If this happens, then Gideon will have no choice but to kill Claire. Will they find the alpha pack leader in time or will some dangerous lycans get in their way and ruin everything?

MARKED BY MOONLIGHT is an exciting, suspenseful, romantic werewolf story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters and storyline is well plotted and there are plenty of twists to keep you guessing. The ending is explosive and will have you holding your breath until its final outcome. Kohler is an excellent new paranormal voice that stands out and shines. I look forward to reading another book in the Moon Chasers Series as soon as it is published!
If you haven't entered my contest yet, you still have time! May 9th it ends, so hurry up and enter now. You know you want to win a whole box of books! Come on, enter! :) Enter here


Total List

Ok that fills this box. So that's 13 books total. For free. Great condition books. Alot of good ones in there. Mixed genres. We have thrillers, mysteries, paranormal, romance, erotica, and popular fiction! One or two of them are even signed by the authors. Here's the whole list now:

See No Evil by Allison Brennan
Bloodstream by Tess Gerritsen
You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Noone Heard Her Scream by Jordan Dane
The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle
Away by Amy Bloom
The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kid
Confessions of a Wicked Woman by Susanna Carr
Hands on by Amie Stewart
Life of Pi by Yann Martel
The Cop by Cara Summers (Blaze)
Packed with Pleasure by Lori Wilde (Blaze)


More books in the box..

More books in the box..

Hands on by Amie Stewart
Life of Pi by Yann Martel
The Cop by Cara Summers (Blaze)
Packed with Pleasure by Lori Wilde (Blaze)

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Box of Books Contest...

In case anyone was wondering what books would be in the box of books, I have a preview of what will be in it. I will probably be adding more books depending on how many I can fit into the box. Some of these are hardcover and large paperbacks, others are mass market paperbacks. These are all in excellent condition. Some havent even been read before and some are duplicate copies that I have ended up with.

See No Evil by Allison Brennan
Bloodstream by Tess Gerritsen
You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Noone Heard Her Scream by Jordan Dane
The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle
Away by Amy Bloom
The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kid
Confessions of a Wicked Woman by Susanna Carr

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Magic Lessons Review

Magic Lessons is the second installment in the Magic or Madness Trilogy. When we last left Reason Cansino, she was back home in Sydney Australia with her grandmother Esmeralda and new friends Jay-Tee and Tom. The door that separates Sydney and New York is closed but someone has been banging on it trying to get through. Everyone casts spells to try to keep whoever it is away but things aren’t working out too good. Something blob like has made it through the door. It’s hard to tell if it’s human or not but it immediately attacks Reason.

Esmeralda has no idea what this thing is or how to keep it away from the door. In the mean time Jay-Tee isn’t doing well since losing so much of her magic in the previous story. The more magic you use, the closer you come to dying. Jay-Tee is only fifteen years old as is Reason and Tom. Will she not make it to sixteen because of the overuse of magic?

While the group tries to keep the blob out, somehow Reason gets pulled through the door and flung into New York in the middle of the night. Reason is all by herself once again and unable to return to Sydney because the blob is guarding the door and blocking her way. Will she return home before her grandfather Jason Blake finds her and drains all of her magic? What is the blob? Why is he after Reason? Can Reason trust Esmeralda or has she been lying to her all along?

Magic Lessons is an excellent story that picks up where Magic or Madness left off. I am hooked on this trilogy and am very anxious to read the last installment. There’s plenty of action and imagination at work in this story. I loved every last page in this book and would highly recommend Larbalestier’s books to fantasy readers.


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