Marked by Moonlight Review

A new series with a Lycan Hunter falling for his prey, the werewolf!

Claire Morgan is a quiet mousey teacher who never stands up to her students or family. After getting bit by what she thought was a dog, Claire has radically changed practically overnight. She’s dressing sexier, has a new haircut, and is more confident and asserting herself like never before.

Claire is told by a Lycan Hunter named Gideon March that the night she was bit, it wasn’t by a dog. He was right there in the alley and saw with his own eyes when a werewolf attacked her. She even has the scar to prove it and her eyes have turned silver just like a werewolf.

Claire doesn’t believe Morgan and goes about her life like nothing has changed. But she can’t help but notice how her libido is in overdrive, how men finally notice her, how she can eat like never before and not put on a pound!

Eventually Claire accepts her fate that she is a werewolf. She hasn’t turned or killed yet so she still has her soul. Gideon March isn’t used to helping lycans; his usual tactic is to kill them with a silver bullet. But there’s something different about Claire that changes everything for him. Sure his job is to exterminate all lycans, but how can he kill Claire when he’s starting to fall for her?

If Gideon and Claire can find Claire’s alpha pack leader and kill him before the next full moon, then the curse will be broken and Claire will be human again. But if they don’t succeed and Claire turns and kills during the next full moon, then she will lose her soul and become a full fledged werewolf. If this happens, then Gideon will have no choice but to kill Claire. Will they find the alpha pack leader in time or will some dangerous lycans get in their way and ruin everything?

MARKED BY MOONLIGHT is an exciting, suspenseful, romantic werewolf story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters and storyline is well plotted and there are plenty of twists to keep you guessing. The ending is explosive and will have you holding your breath until its final outcome. Kohler is an excellent new paranormal voice that stands out and shines. I look forward to reading another book in the Moon Chasers Series as soon as it is published!
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  1. I have MARKED BY MOONLIGHT but I just haven't been motivated to read it yet. Glad to know it's good. I don't know why I doubted it would be...I love the author's other work as Sophie Jordan.

    Ok, I need to read this soon. Thanks for the great review!

    (I'm a Lisabea referral, BTW)

  2. This is on my wishlist...maybe I should move it up onto my order...

  3. I wasn't motivated for a while to read it either, but it was SO good from page one and had me hooked. I think you'll both really enjoy it! :) Thanks for mentioning that she is Sophie Jordan, I had no idea. I'm going to look up that name now.

  4. Yay I have this one!!! Just got moved up


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