The Touch of Twilight Review

Imagine that every aspect of your life was recorded and put into a comic book for the entire world to see. Well this is Joanna Archer’s reality. Joanna is a superhero trying to protect the world from evil people called Shadows, but she is half Shadow herself. She works as an Agent of Light as the Archer of her group. Joanna is mourning the loss of her relationship with Ben since having to assume the identity of her deceased sister Olivia.

A doppleganger is after Joanna and wants to steal her identity. It’s starting to resemble her and little by little it is becoming Joanna. The Tulpa, Joanna’s father, has a solution for her to defeat the doppelganger but this would require Joanna joining the Shadows, the bad guys, and that’s not going to happen.

In the meantime Regan, a Shadow Agent, is enjoying taunting Joanna with the knowledge that she possesses. She knows a lot of Joanna’s secrets and won’t think twice about putting Joanna in danger by telling the wrong people. Regan has moved in on Ben, a mortal that Joanna loves but had to leave behind when she assumed the identity of Olivia. Regan doesn’t love Ben and is just doing this to torture Joanna and ruin her life.

With a new identity that Ben wouldn’t recognize as Joanna, she has no choice but to play things her way. Joanna hits Regan where it hurts and won’t stop until one of them is dead. Will Joanna’s Shadow side takeover and cause drastic mistakes that will forever turn her in the eyes of everyone she loves? Feelings are developing between Joanna and her fellow troop member Hunter, but Joanna’s feelings for Ben won’t let her fully move on. Will Joanna say no to a second chance at love because of the man she’s left behind?

The Touch of Twilight is an exciting urban fantasy with lots of suspense and action. The world that Vicki Pettersson has created within the pages of this book is amazing, breathtaking and extremely original and different from anything else out there in the genre. The attention to detail and characterization is superb and I was left extremely satisfied after closing the last page of The Touch of Twilight. I highly recommend this book to paranormal and urban fantasy readers who want to lose themselves in a book that will take them away into another world.


  1. Thanks for the review. Wow, this sounds like a book I really want to read. I'm copying down the title.

  2. It is an amazing world she created. Judging by your review you're now addicted to the series as well. :)

  3. Hi Carolyn! This is actually #3 in a series. Might be better to read them in order. The Scent of Shadows is #1 and The Taste of Night is #2. I had to read it out of order because of reviewing but now I can't wait to read the other two. Fantastic book.

    Hi Kimberly! Yes I loved it and I am definetely addicted now!

  4. I'm such series junkie. I have bought all three of Pettersson's Zodiac books as they were released, despite not having read the first one! I'm glad to see you really enjoyed the third book... it gives me hope that I didn't waste my money! ;)


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