The Accidental Demon Slayer Review

In Angie Fox’s debut novel, the reader is introduced to Lizzie Brown, reluctant Demon Slayer. Lizzie was a preschool teacher and about to leave for her thirtieth birthday party when the grandmother she never knew she had showed up at her door, pink Harley and all.

Grandma claims that Lizzie is about to turn into a Demon Slayer in a few minutes and throws her into the bathroom for safe keeping. As Grandma chants spells and throws Smuckers jars filled with odd concoctions around the room, a little demon named Xerves appears on the toilet. After a quick explanation from Grandma about how Lizzie is now a Demon Slayer and that bad guys will now be after her, she insists that Lizzie hop on her pink Harley with her and run for her life!

Lizzie grabs her dog Pirate, who now is suddenly able to talk to her, and runs for her life with her spunky Grandma. Along the trip Lizzie meets a hunky man named Dimitri who says he is her protector and there to teach her about being a Demon Slayer.

With the help of Dimitri and Grandma’s biker witch friends, Lizzie must quickly learn how to fight like a Demon Slayer and defend herself and her new found friends. But before Lizzie’s training is done, she finds out that she is going to have to go to Hell to battle the baddest demon alive, Vald. How will Lizzie battle her first demon when she doesn’t even know how to fight yet?

THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER is a delightful new paranormal romance that is hilarious, exciting, suspenseful, dangerous, and an adventure ride of action from start to finish. The characters are eccentric, the writing flows great, and the storyline is original. I adored every page of this outstanding debut novel and I hungrily look forward to getting my hands on Angie Fox’s next book due out in 2009.


  1. I really loved this one too. It was just so darn fresh! Great review!

  2. Thanks Charity! :) I saw your review and liked yours too.

  3. This was such a fun read. lol Glad to see you enjoyed it as well Rachael! :)


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