Razor Girl Review

Molly Anderson was a regular teenage girl before an epidemic killed almost everyone in the world. Now huge nasty zombies called Others roam the streets looking for humans to eat. One bite from an Other and it’s not long before you turn into one yourself. Molly has just emerged from the underground shelter her father locked her and her mother in six years ago.

Now that it is time and the door to the shelter has opened, Molly is walking the streets by herself but she is equipped to defend and kill if need be. She has razors that shoot out of her hands and a virtual GPS in her brain that will help her find her way, thanks to her scientist father who prepared her for this epidemic.

When Molly’s father left her and her mother in the shelter, he told her to travel to Disney World to find him as soon as the doors open. Molly is determined to get to her father no matter how dangerous the journey may be.

Molly runs into a boy named Chris Griffin upon leaving the shelter. Things have changed now and Chris is all grown up. She decides to stick with him and perhaps travel together to Florida. But Others are everywhere she looks and they quickly discover that they may not make it to Florida if they’re not careful. Will they find Molly’s father or will an Other attack them and put an end to their plan?

RAZOR GIRL is an exciting and thrilling story set in the future, the year 2036. The story goes back and forth from past to present with every chapter. This was an interesting way to tell the story because the reader has no idea what happened to Molly and why and they find out little by little. I thoroughly enjoyed RAZOR GIRL and it’s nail biting suspense. Marianne Mancusi is an excellent writer and after having read News Blues, also by her, I am amazed at how well she can write in different genres. RAZOR GIRL is overall a fantastic book and I would highly recommend it.


  1. Oooh, I want to read this one, it sounds sooo good! Fabulous review, Rachael! :)

  2. Chris Griffin? *reminded of Family Guy* I though I read somewhere that the male character's name was Chase...and Chase is such a soap opera name that I hope it doesn't distract me when I finally get my mitts on those fabulous-sounding book! ;-) Now, waiting for someone to take pity on me and post the book to Australia... ;-)

    Have a lovely day! :-)

  3. Chris Griffin is his name in the past. Six years later he goes by the nickname Chase.

    Thanks Wendy! :) It's a great book.

  4. This one sounds excellent! The only thing I wonder about though, is will I like it? It sounds like one I'd really, really enjoy, but the whole bouncing between times reminds me a lot of the Kessler book, and I couldn't get into it because of that. I think I must give it a try though, very excellent review!

  5. Hi Charity
    The going back and forth isn't confusing at all in this book. It's done very well. The characters were kids in the flashbacks and Chase is referred to as Chris then so even though they dont say it's a flashback it's understood. Also it is every other chapter like clockwork so it's not hard. One chapter is the present, the next is the past, then present, then past. So it's like the world has come to an end..but how did all this happen? How did they end up like this? And you find that out with the flashbacks. It's done very well and I think you'd like it. :)


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