Skin and Bone Review

In Kathryn Fox’s new electrifying thriller, Detective Kate Farrer is back after her four month leave due to her abduction and the stress she suffered because of it. She has a new partner, a rookie named Oliver Parke and a couple new cases that demand to be solved right away.

The first case is that of a house fire where a badly burned corpse was found inside. The owners of the house are away on vacation and the identity of the corpse is unknown. After some investigating, Kate and Oliver find a diaper bag with baby supplies in it; but no baby to be found anywhere in the house. Also a credit card is found with a woman’s name on it. But without any other clues, the detectives are stuck in a dead end case without any ideas on who the perpetrator is and why they would set fire to the house.

When Kate and Oliver’s superior assigns them a new case and tells them to hand over the house fire case, Kate becomes very angry. The new case is that of a missing nineteen year old girl whose rich parents are worried about her whereabouts. Kate feels that the case isn’t worth her time, but when it starts relating to the house fire case, she becomes determined to solve the mystery.

There are numerous suspects and no one can be trusted. In the meantime, Kate suspects that the Homicide Unit is under investigation and she starts to mistrust her partner Oliver. Is Oliver really the family man he says he is, or is he secretly taking bribes from criminals?

Skin and Bone is the first novel that I’ve read by Kathryn Fox and I am immensely impressed! The mystery is tightly woven and there are plenty of red herrings to keep readers guessing until the exciting conclusion. Every page of this novel is suspenseful and filled with clues to put together to solve the case. The characters are strong and the dialogue is well written. This is a truly fantastic, superb mystery that will knock your socks off!


  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed this one Rachael. Is it part of a series?

  2. I'm not sure actually. I looked the books up on her website and it seems that the main character Kate was a secondary character from the other two books. Great story though and I can't wait to read her others. :)

  3. That's one thing that I wish they'd put on each book....series name and number in the series when they are part of one. lol

  4. When I was in the bookstore today I saw Rachel Caine's Weather series and they had the numbers on each book so that was nice. I'm sure people are more inclined to buy a book too if they know the order. Jennifer Rardin has the numbers on the spine.

    This book Skin and Bone started off with mentioning that the detective was recently abducted and dealing with that still. So I gathered it must have happened in the previous book, but you never know cause sometimes authors do backstory with no previous book. But I'm guessing it is part of a series.

  5. See...everyone should follow their lead. *grin* :)

    At least most authors usually start off with some backstory when they're working in a series. Either way it sounds like Skin and Bone was written to where it can be a stand-alone. Thanks for the info!


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