Trust Me Review

Skye Kellerman was a victim of an attempted rape four years ago that changed her life. Now she has formed an organization to help victims of crimes called The Last Stand. Skye’s assailant, Dr. Oliver Burke has served three years in prison and is about to be released early. Skye is in fear for her life and thinks Oliver will be hunting her down to exact his revenge on her. With Skye always in the news with her organization, will Oliver be tempted to find her and finish what he started four years ago?

Detective David Willis’s marriage to his ex wife is over but the guilt of leaving her alone while she is battling a disease makes him think twice about leaving her. Now that Oliver Burke is being released from jail, David is back in touch with Skye and worrying about her safety. Sparks are starting to fly between them once again and his ex wife is starting to notice. How will David move on with his life and find happiness if his ex wife makes him feel so guilty?

The police suspect Oliver of numerous unsolved murders but without the weapon or any proof, they are stuck in a dead end case. Oliver’s wife Jane has no idea what kind of man she is married to. She trusts Oliver and refuses to believe Skye when she warns her about how dangerous her husband really is.

Will Oliver’s release from jail end with Skye being murdered? How many people will lose their lives because of coming into contact with Oliver? Will Detective David Willis be able to solve the case before Oliver can complete his plan of revenge on everyone who has ever hurt him? Oliver is a terrifyingly real bad guy and no one can stop him. Skye will fight with everything she has to protect herself from becoming his victim again but can she succeed against him?

TRUST ME is the first book in Brenda Novak’s new Last Stand Trilogy with books being released back to back in June, July and August. The suspense builds up throughout the story as the reader forms a picture of Oliver Burke in their mind. As the story develops, Oliver becomes more and more scary and there’s no telling what he may do next.

The idea of living with a man and not truly knowing his real identity is scary in itself. But the characterization and quick moving story really added to the suspense and gave me goose bumps. TRUST ME is a great first installment in this trilogy and I look forward to reading STOP ME and WATCH ME also.


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