Twilight Review

Bella is seventeen years old and has never experienced love before. Since her mother and her new husband are always away for his job as a baseball player, Bella has moved from Phoenix to Forks, Washington to live with her father. This means she will be attending a brand new high school and having to make all new friends. Bella is a bit of a klutz and nervous but she quickly makes several new friends at school.

All of the boys are infatuated with Bella and attempt to ask her out but she turns them all down. But one boy, Edward Cullen, has captured Bella’s attention. Edward sits at a table with his brothers and sisters in the lunch room, none of them associating with any of the other kids at school. They’re loners and very odd. Edward glares at Bella quite a bit and she is puzzled by why he won’t talk to her like all the other kids do.

When Bella nearly gets hit by a car, Edward is the person to rescue her. But it’s the way that he rescues her that baffles Bella. Edward literally pushes the oncoming car off of her. He wasn’t even near her when the car was coming to hit her, and none of this adds up. Either Edward has some kind of super human powers or he’s not a regular teenage boy.

Shortly after the near accident, Bella becomes closer with Edward. In fact he tells her a secret after she kind of uncovers it herself. He’s a vampire. And so are his brothers and sisters. But Bella doesn’t care. She is quickly falling for Edward, his charm, his gorgeous face, his muscular body, and everything about him. How can Bella fall in love with a vampire? Will this put her life in jeopardy?

Vampires in Meyer’s book are different from any of the other books that I’ve read lately. Her vampires CAN go out during the day, but they look kind of different when they do. They don’t eat food but can if they want to. But most interesting to me is that the romanticized idea of vampires and humans together is more truthful in this novel. This vampire hungers for the blood of his love and the two of them can’t simply exist safely together unless Edward is careful to control his vampire urges.

In all of the books that I’ve read, the vampires and humans fall in love and have the most amazing sex ever and there is no problem with them being near each other. In Twilight there isn’t any sex as this is a clean book for Young Adults. There is romance though and plenty of it to satisfy adults.

Twilight is the first book in the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. Although it’s been out since 2004, this is my first time reading it. After constantly hearing about how wonderful Twilight is, I had to give it a try myself. This book is about 500 pages and although the genre is Young Adult, millions of adults are also reading this series just like with Harry Potter.

It took me three days to read Twilight, but that is only because I read it slower then normal, wanting to treasure every word. The writing is captivating, sweet, and romantic. I adored every page of this book and desperately need to get my hands on the next two books right away. If you haven’t yet read Twilight, I highly suggest that you go out and get a copy right away!

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  1. Hi Rachael - It does sound very good, and I enjoyed the review! I really have to read this sometime, everyone seems to love it. :)


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