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Awesome contest going on over on Book Room Reviews to win a copy of The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong! Go over and enter now! It ends on September 1st so HURRY!

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Happy Birthday Linda!

August 29th is Linda's birthday! Stop by her blog and wish her a Very Happy Birthday!!


Contest on AmberKatze's Blog!

There is an interview and giveaway on AmberKatze's Blog with Caitlin Kittredge. The winner gets signed copies of both Night Life and Pure Blood. Hurry over and enter there now!

Patricia's Vampire Notes Contest

Patricia's Vampire Notes has an awesome interview with author Jeanne Stein on her blog. She's also doing a giveaway for Jeanne's newest book in her Anna Strong Series, Legacy. Hurry over and enter now!

I Love SHOMI Books

Have you ever read a fantastic book, looked to see who published it and then looked for more books by that publisher in the future? Did you take notice of the publisher because you were hoping the other published books would be as great as the one you just read? Well let me tell you about a little line of books called SHOMI from Dorchester.

I reviewed and read Countdown by Michelle Maddox and Razorgirl by Marianne Mancusi. Both of those books are from the SHOMI line. What does that mean? Well SHOMI is just the publisher's name but they have a theme to all of the books they put out. Alot of them are futuristic and extrememly suspenseful and major page turners. So whenever I hear about a SHOMI book, I know what to expect and I know it's going to be a DAMN good book. I don't even read the summaries anymore. If it's by SHOMI, I want it!

So Book Binge has been spotlighting SHOMI books for the last week and hosting tons of giveaways. The latest contest is to win SEVEN SHOMI BOOKS! YES SEVEN!!!! And luckily the only one that I've read already from the whole batch is Countdown.

In the batch is a book by Marianne Mancusi called Moongazer which I believe was one of the first SHOMI books? She's the same author who wrote Razorgirl for SHOMI and News Blues for Dorchester. Both books I reviewed and loved. I actually picked up Moongazer this week after drooling over all the SHOMI books on Book Binge's blog. But my copy is used and not as nice as a new copy.

Eve Kenin's book Hidden has caught my eye since I have read her before but under her other name Eve Silver. I read Demon's Kiss by her which is kind of the book that popped my paranormal cherry! So she holds a special place for me and I'd love to try more books by her.

As for the other books by Liz Maverick, Michelle Lang, Kay Austin and Colby Hodge, I've never read them before but I would LOVE to try them! And since their books are SHOMI books, I am confident enough to trust that they will be fabulous books!

So thanks to Book Binge for highlighting these books. I always get excited when I see people talk about the SHOMI books and I am very happy with the two that I have enjoyed so far. I would love to read all of the others and go on a SHOMI book reading binge! LOL :)

Anyway if you are curious about SHOMI books and would love to win SEVEN of them...head on over to Book Binge's Blog and enter this contest!

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Working Stiff Review

Sofie Metropolis runs a small private investigator agency that has been known to do quite a few missing pet cases. Things are going well in the PI business and Sofie has handled some important cases lately.

Sofie is conflicted and confused in love. She’s been having a fun time with her sexual fling Dino, a very sexy Greek baker. But the elusive Australian bounty hunter Jake Porter has suddenly formed an interest in Sofie as well. How will Sofie juggle two men? Will Sofie end up breaking someone’s heart by playing the field?

It’s a week before Halloween and the cases are rolling in. The first case is a hush hush one for Sofie’s aunt. Aunt Sotiria runs funeral pallor and her latest body has disappeared right before the funeral. With her reputation on the line, she asks Sofie to investigate and find the body quietly so the whole neighborhood doesn’t find out. Sofie figures that eventually a body is going to smell if it is just left somewhere to decay, so she starts sniffing around for strange odors in the hopes of finding the body.

The second case involves a woman named Melinda Laughton. Melinda is convinced that her brother is being wrongfully convicted and wants Sofie to help prove he is not the culprit who murdered his girlfriend. The whole town is convinced of his guilt and he’s already in jail. How will Sofie take on such a tough case without any other info or clues?

Halloween is around the corner and weird things are happening. Rosie, the receptionist at the PI agency, has taken to wearing garlic because she’s convinced that there are vampires roaming the streets because of the town’s blood shortage. Rosie also has a new boyfriend who she is keeping very secret along with a black cat that keeps showing up in the office. To make matters worse, Sofie’s dog Muffy has been acting extra weird lately.

Sofie is convinced that Melinda Laughton’s brother must be innocent and despite all the craziness of Halloween coming, buckles down and works the hardest she’s ever worked to clear a good man’s name and find the real killer. But finding a killer isn’t necessarily safe work and when things get dirty, Sofie will have to fight with everything she has to come out of this case alive.

Working Stiff is the fourth installment in the fabulous Sofie Metropolis mystery series that keeps getting better and better with each book. This book is full of suspense, romance and mystery that left me glued to the pages reading non stop.

For anyone who enjoys reading Janet Evanovich, you will find this series definitely to your liking. The writing is engaging, the mystery is well plotted and the characters are vividly eccentric. I loved every page of this book and I look forward to the next Sofie book and more adventures with my favorite Greek heroine.

Pre order Working Stiff now on Amazon

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Read the Sofie Metropolis Series in order

Sofie Metropolis

Dirty Laundry

Foul Play

Working Stiff (comes out September 2nd)


Vacation Notice

I am going away on vacation tomorrow to Florida until the 24th. So this blog probably won't be updated until at least the 25th. I am bringing all my review books with me to read so I don't get behind. I am really excited and can't wait to get going already! Happy Reading everyone!

EDITED: I will be away until September 1st on vacation! I do have internet access now so I may be updating if I have time. If anyone needs to get in contact with me, I am checking my email so you can email me through the link in my profile.


Black Out Review

Annie Powers is the mother to a four year old girl named Victory. She has a husband named Gray, a beautiful home on the beach in Florida, and all together is living a privileged life in her cozy neighborhood. But Annie wasn’t always Annie. She used to go by the name Ophelia March before she changed her name to hide from a vicious serial killer.

Ophelia lived a life of despair and poverty. After running away with a boy at only seventeen on a road trip, the horror she witnessed resulted in her suffering a mental breakdown. This is all in the past now since the boy is dead and everyone has moved on. If it wasn’t for Gray saving her, Annie doesn’t know what would have happened to her.

But after several sessions with her therapist, Annie starts to suffer another breakdown. She sees a man lurking on her property, a symbolic necklace on the beach, and becomes convinced the boy she knew as a child is back and out to get her. Annie’s memories of what is real and what isn’t are clouded in confusion because of her mental disorder. She doesn’t know if what she is seeing and feeling is real or simply a figment of her imagination.

When Annie’s fake identify is discovered and her daughter’s life is jeopardized, she realizes that she no longer has a choice in her own life. Someone has decided that Annie needs to remember everything and now, and they will kill to prove their point.

Black Out is psychological suspense at its finest. Nobody can be trusted, nothing is at it seems, and this leaves for a deadly story that will end in all of the secrets and lies being revealed, no matter how devastating they might be. I thoroughly enjoyed Black Out as it left me on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, waiting for the explosive conclusion. Overall, this is a five star thriller that I recommend to readers who enjoy a book that grabs them right away from the first sentence to the last.


Midnight Brunch Review

Milagro De Los Santos has finally found her place in life. Everything is going well and she is happy and content at her boyfriend Oswald Grant’s ranch out in California. When we last left Milagro she was recovering from being bitten by Oswald. Remarkably, Milagro has healed from being a vampire or as the Grant family calls it, suffering from a rare genetic disorder.

But Milagro having healed means she is once again human and might not have as much in common with Oswald as she originally thought. How would their lives be as a married couple? Could they have children together? Milagro’s confliction over everything is intensified by Oswald’s parents visiting the ranch. His mother voices her opinion and makes it known that she doesn’t think Milagro is suitable for Oswald.

When Milagro hears about a midnight ceremony taking place at the ranch in honor of Winnie’s baby, she is excited to attend. But Oswald informs her that she is not allowed to go to the ceremony and this leaves her suspicious about this family of vampires. What kind of weird ritualistic party is going on and why can’t she witness it? How will Milagro live a happy life with Oswald when there are so many secrets in his family?

While Oswald is away on business, Milago goes to a wedding with her ex lover Ian. Ian is infatuated with Milagro and he has made no secret of his fondness for her. After the wedding, an attack on Ian and Milagro causes her to run away for her own safety. Is the CACA organization after Milagro again? What will happen to Milagro if the bad guys find and capture her?

MIDNIGHT BRUNCH is the second book in Marta Acosta’s Series featuring the bold and bodacious Milagro De Los Santos. This story was full of danger and excitement as Milagro is always finding herself in trouble and running from bad guys. Milagro is in love with Oswald but other men are interested in her and constantly tempting her into straying from her relationship.

The writing moved along at a fast pace and I enjoyed Milargo’s interactions with the men in her life. There are some humorous scenes that made me laugh and the ending left me satisfied. I eagerly look forward to reading the next book in this series The Bride of Casa Dracula. Overall, MIDNIGHT BRUNCH is a story full of romance, adventure, and plenty of suspense that I greatly enjoyed.


Countdown Review

Kira Jordan and Rogan Ellis have nearly nothing in common. Kira is a small time petty thief who has been struggling on her own since her entire family was murdered when she was only fifteen years old. Rogan is a murderer who has been serving time for the last four years for a list of heinous crimes.

But somehow these two people have found themselves both handcuffed to a wall and waking up in a room without any recollection of how they got there. When the lights come on, a computer generated voice starts counting down from 60 seconds. There are no instructions but somehow Rogan knows that the key sitting in front of them is the other person’s key and that they must undo their handcuffs before the countdown reaches zero. If they don’t succeed Rogan says they will both die.

To make things even scarier, there are cranial implants drilled into both of their heads. If Kira and Rogan move more then 90 feet away from each other, they will both die. The implants are controlled by the people behind the scenes and they can use them to inflict pain on the two of them. Worst of all, they can’t run away because of the implants. Kira and Rogan must both do what they are told or they will end up dead.

Kira and Rogan are in for a terrifying ride as they are the unwilling contestants on a virtual reality show where they must complete all six levels of the tasks given to them to survive. But the people behind the game aren’t playing fair and Kira and Rogan start to wonder if they will make it out alive in the end.

COUNTDOWN is the first book by Michelle Rowen written under her pseudonym Michelle Maddox. I absolutely loved every page of this book from start to finish. COUNTDOWN left me breathless in suspense and physically unable to put it down! This book is a pure adrenaline ride and I had to read it almost all in one sitting. There is a ton of action that is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. COUNTDOWN is out in stores now, so run and get yourself a copy! This book is absolutely fabulous and if you are looking for some nail biting suspense, you will be very happy you picked this one up!



Awesome contest going on at Book Binge to win a copy of your choice of Acheron or Breaking Dawn!! Go enter now!!