The Devil You Know Review

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is the second book in a series featuring an exorcist named Morgan Kingsley. We first met Morgan in The Devil Inside when she found out that she was possessed by the King of the Demons, Lugh. Unlike with other demon hosts, Morgan is still fully in charge of her body. For some reason demons are unable to fully possess her and this makes Morgan very unique.

When The Devil Inside left off, Morgan’s brother Andrew had lost his demon, Raphael, and was left for dead. Morgan claimed to have lost her demon Lugh so people wouldn’t attack her to get to him. But the truth is that she is still possessed by Lugh and she’s trying to keep it a secret.

Unfortunately, the demon Raphael is on the run and out to kill Andrew so he doesn’t tell anyone what he’s heard while being a host. During Andrew’s recovery, Morgan takes him into her house to protect him. But there’s another demon named Der Jager aka The Hunter who is also jumping into bodies illegally to gain access to Morgan. Without knowing if her friends and family are really themselves or have Der Jager inside of them, Morgan must constantly be on the look out.

On top of everything else going on in her life, Morgan has just found out that her identity is a lie. There’s a dark family secret about her true parentage and her parents do not want her to know about it. There’s also that hospital stay from when she was thirteen years old that Morgan has no clear memory of.

When Morgan’s parents decide that they’re not going to help her or answer her questions, Morgan decides to investigate herself. But what she finds out will forever change her life and her relationship with her loved ones. How will Morgan cope with the revelations that she uncovers about her life?

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is a superb second installment in this fabulous new series. There isn’t any S&M in this book unlike The Devil Inside which had a lot of scenes that made me uncomfortable. There is a little bit of erotica but not as much as in the previous book.
The concept of hosting a demon because it’s a privilege is a crazy idea but Jenna Black pulls it off wonderfully. It slightly reminded me of the movie Fallen (with Denzel Washington) with the demon jumping into whatever body he touches.

The characters are well developed, the suspense and mystery is exciting, and overall I loved everything about THE DEVIL YOU KNOW. The story moves along at a fast pace with fight scenes and excitement on every page. The conclusion is a cliff hanger that will leave readers in suspense for the next book, The Devil’s Due out on November 25, 2008. Jenna Black’s writing leaves me glued to the pages and intrigued, what more can I ask for?

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