Miss Congeniality Review

Miss Congeniality
By Shelley Laurenston

Dr. Irene Conridge has no time in her life for a man. She isn’t interested in sex, making friends, or having a boyfriend. She’s a workaholic and would rather have her nose in a book then hang out at the mall.

Irene first met Niles Van Holtz at college when she was a guest professor and him a student. He tried to put the moves on her then but she wanted nothing to do with him. Despite Irene’s obvious disinterest in Holtz, he still pursues her constantly. When Irene ends up in a scuffle with some wild animals, Holtz is the one to come to her rescue.

Holtz is a werewolf and knows that Irene will be targeted again if he doesn’t mark her as his. But how do you mark someone who doesn’t want anything to do with you? In the mean time, bad guys are after Irene and while her friendship is still developing between her and Holtz, she chooses not to inform him of this little tidbit. Will Irene’s secret put her life in jeopardy? Will Irene finally give in to Holtz’s charm and realize he isn’t so bad?

Miss Congeniality is a fun werewolf story with a healthy dose of romance and some suspense to keep readers riveted. This was the first story that I’ve ever read by Laurenston and I found it to be enjoyable. Overall, Miss Congeniality is a nice short read that romance readers are sure to enjoy.


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