Hotter After Midnight Review

Dr. Emily Drake is a psychologist with the unique ability to read her patients’ minds. She’s quietly known as the Monster Doctor since she only treats supernatural beings called Others. Others are vampires, witches, werewolves, shifters, and demons that live amongst us. They keep their identities a secret from the public so they’re not hunted down and killed.

With just one look, Emily is able to tell if someone is human or an Other. When she meets Detective Colin Gyth, she is shocked to discover he is a Shifter. No one on the police force knows the truth about Colin, not even his partner Detective Todd Brooks.

Colin’s latest case is that of a murdered man whose neck was brutally ripped open by what appears to be an attack by an Other. The press quickly dubs the killer The Night Butcher and wait for more deaths so he can be classified as a serial killer. Emily helps the police investigate the murders by forming a profile of the perpetrator. Using her psychic abilities she reads people’s thoughts to try to find out the truth behind the case. But when more people are murdered, things quickly become scary. Colin’s boss is aware of Others but wants the supernatural elements of the case kept quiet.

Will Colin be able to keep his Shifter side in control and not become discovered? Is the killer an Other or is it a human?

While working along side Colin, Emily starts to welcome his bold flirtation. She knows he is a Shifter but doesn’t know specifically what kind of Shifter he is. When Emily finds out the truth will she have a change of heart about her feelings for Colin? Will Colin win Emily over or will her past sneak up on them and cause turmoil and mistrust?

Hotter After Midnight is a nail biting, suspenseful, sexy, paranormal romance that kept me glued to the pages. I devoured Hotter After Midnight all in one day, that’s how good it is! I was physically unable to put it down, not even for a bathroom break.

The writing, characters, and dialogue is so engaging and had me hooked from the first sentence. ‘’The vampire on her couch had a serious blood phobia.’’ Cynthia Eden is officially one of my new favorite authors and has definitely earned a place on my keeper shelf. Run and get this book!

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  1. Hi, Rachael! I'm so glad you enjoyed Hotter After Midnight. :-) Thanks for the great review!

  2. Well, this is a serious recommendation. I've got to get this one on my radar!

  3. Hi Cynthia!
    Yes I adored it! SOOOOO good!!

    Carolyn: Yes this a very serious recommendation! If I could jump up and down and wave the book in your face and force you to read it, I would. LOL

  4. See - this is why I love reader blogs and I'm always so happy when I find a new one!! This book sounds very good and one I will certainly look for next time I'm at the store!!

  5. Hi Kristie!
    I'm so happy you enjoyed my review! I'm sure you will love this book too. Let me know if you read it what you think. Come back often! :)


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