I Love Your Blog

Carolyn received an I Love Your Blog award and nominated me to win one too. Now I am supposed to give the I Love Your Blog award to 7 blogs that I love! If I nominated you, can you please do the same thing on your blog with 7 other blogs and so on? Then this will go on and on and on.

The rules for this award are that you need to:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog

2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4) Add links to those blogs on your blog

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

So I'm officially awarding this award to:

1. Kimberly at Darque Reviews

2. Marta Acosta at Vampire Wire

3. Amber at AmberKatze's Book Blog

4. Lori at Lori's Reading Corner

5. Linda at Reading Is So Much Fun

6. Book Binge Ladies at Book Binge

7. Jen at Up Close & Personal with LadyTink

(FYI Wendy, Carolyn already nominated you that's why I didn't. I still love your blog)


  1. Thank you so much!!! My first award!

  2. I'm not nominating you because CJ did but I luvs your blog, too! :)

    Haha, I nominated Kimberly too! Oops.

  3. Thank you Rachael, AND Wendy...lol I can just do this once, right? :)

  4. Awww thanks so much, what a great thing to read over the weekend! =)


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