Phantom's Touch Review

Lauren Cole is finally divorced from her producer husband Ross Marchand and wants nothing more than to move on with her life. He helped make her a famous actress by casting her in the lead role of his movies. Lauren has one more movie to make for him and then she can move on with her life. But before that can happen, Lauren wants the antique sword that Ross bought for her but would never let her have.

After stealing the sword from her ex husband’s house, Lauren is in for a surprise when a phantom man immerges from out of nowhere. Aiden Forsyth was cursed into the sword back in the 1700’s by his enemy Rogan. When the Forsyth brothers tried to save their sister from Rogan, he cursed all of them into objects that they’ve been captive in ever since.

Aiden explains to Lauren how he came to be stuck in the sword for so long and how he wants to find his family and get revenge on the man who cursed him. The only problem is, Aiden is not yet free of the curse. He can only become whole at sundown. During the day Aiden is in the sword once again. Lauren researches the Forsyth family in hopes of finding out some answers for Aiden. In the mean time, there is a strong sexual attraction between the two of them and Lauren learns the true pleasures a man can bring into her life.

While Lauren is enjoying her time with Aiden, she has no idea that there is a very determined man who wants the sword for himself. He will resort to any means necessary, even attacking Lauren to get to it. But Lauren can’t let anyone steal the sword from her because she would be losing Aiden right along with it. Will Lauren’s life be endangered because of the sword?

Phantom’s Touch is the second book in a paranormal romance series by Julie Leto. After meeting the first of the Forsyth brothers in Phantom Pleasures, we now are introduced to another cursed brother, Aiden. Aiden’s story follows along the same way as his brother but with new characters introduced to the picture. Previous characters also return to help find the missing brothers.

The romantic scenes and Lauren’s past was well written and gave the story a touch of mystery. I look forward to learning more about the Forsyth brothers and what objects the others are trapped in. Overall, Phantom’s Touch is an intriguing story that leaves readers wondering what is next to come.


  1. Hmm, I think I would like to have that sword. Fun plot!

  2. Hi Carolyn!
    Thanks for commenting! I agree, it's a good sword to have. LOL

  3. This is the first review of Phantom's Touch that I've seen, Rachel! I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

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  5. Hi Julie
    I reviewed it for Night Owl Romance but I'm not sure when they will post it since the book isn't out until December. I hope soon but I'm not sure. I always cross post here too. Thanks, I really enjoyed it!


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