Demon Mistress Cover

Wow! I was just blog hopping and I saw Yasmine Galenorn's cover for Demon Mistress on Urban Fantasy Land's site. It's not out till June 09 but wow, I want now!! I love the colors in the backround and it's just so stunning. LOVE IT!!!!


Midnight Sins Review

Detective Todd Brooks was first introduced in Hotter After Midnight as Detective Collin Gyth’s partner. Now Todd is back with his own story in Midnight Sins and he’s about to discover that the streets of Atlanta are full of paranormal beings that he never even knew existed.

Todd Brooks’ latest case is to find the sadistic serial killer that is murdering men all across town and leaving them tied up and dead in hotel rooms. The bodies are being marked as possible heart attacks but there are no physical signs of foul play or even a pre existing medical condition.

Without any bloodshed, murder weapon, or even any defensive wounds, the police department are at a loss on how to solve this case. But one by one the bodies are piling up and the case gets stranger with every new body.

Detective Collin Gyth is a shifter and well aware of the paranormal community. He suspects the serial killer to be some kind of paranormal being but with Todd being human, he keeps him in the dark about this secret side of Atlanta that non paranormals shouldn’t know about.

At one of the crime scenes an ID is found of a gorgeous blond woman named Cara Maloan. With no other evidence to go by besides witnesses who claim they saw a blond woman at the hotel the night before, Brooks and Gyth bring Cara in for questioning. Cara works as a singer at the local paranormal club Paradise Found. But she has a dark secret and it’s not one she likes to advertise. Cara is a succubus. A demon. A sex demon.

After some research on succubi, Collin realizes that Cara could be the killer they are hunting for. In the meantime, Todd is falling hard for Cara’s charm and could be putting himself in a very dangerous situation. After all, Todd knows nothing about demons or paranormal beings. How will Todd react when he learns the truth about Collin, Cara, and the city of Atlanta? Is Cara the serial killer? Will Todd and Cara’s relationship cause problems in the case? Will the killer strike again and claim more victims?

Midnight Sins is the second book in Cynthia Eden’s fantastic paranormal romantic suspense series. This book can be read independently but for the full affect of the returning characters, I’d recommend reading them in order. Cynthia Eden’s writing is always fast paced, sexy, and full of exciting twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of Midnight Sins and was very happy to see some of my favorite characters returning in this book.

Cynthia Eden has easily climbed to the top of the list as one of my favorite authors and I eagerly look forward to her next book. Overall, Midnight Sins is full of romance, erotica, mystery and paranormal elements that kept me intrigued and in suspense until the final explosive conclusion. I would definitely recommend Midnight Sins to romance readers who enjoy a fast paced story by a gifted writer.

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Hex Appeal Review

After battling Clive Reeves in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, Jazz, a 700 year old witch, thought all of her troubles were behind her. But someone or something isn’t done with Jazz and they’re striking with a vengeance. Jazz realizes that someone is using magic to haunt her dreams after she continually suffers from nightmares. But with such a long life, it’s hard to figure out whom that someone might be.

It all starts with Jazz’s favorite magical slippers Fluff and Puff being accused of eating Willie, a were weasel, from the boardwalk. When they cough up a button, their fates are sealed and it’s off to bunny prison for them until the mystery can be solved. Jazz knows her slippers wouldn’t murder someone no matter how tasty they might be, but with Willie nowhere to be found Fluff and Puff are looking guiltier every day.

Everything is going great for Jazz in her relationship with vampire cop Nick Gregory. But when she starts to have nightmares of him attacking her that feel all too real, it causes problems between them. Nick is suffering from nightmares himself but he hasn’t told Jazz about them. It’s almost as if someone is purposely trying to cause problems between Nick and Jazz.

While trying to uncover the nightmare fiasco, Jazz works as a chauffeur for the supernatural and as a curse eliminator. But when Jazz suddenly ends up cursed herself, she starts to wonder if her work has backfired on her somehow. Will Jazz and Nick figure out who is out to get them before it’s too late? Will Fluff and Puff be destroyed for eating Willie? Will Jazz be a good little witch and not have more years added to her banishment?

Hex Appeal is the second book in Linda Wisdom’s new paranormal romance series following the lives of a witch and her vampire boyfriend while they solve mysteries together. The writing flows very well with vividly drawn characters that the reader could easily picture in their head. The characters range from vampires, humans, witches, ghosts, goblins, and were weasels.

I enjoy reading paranormal romance and when it combines humor and mystery, it has all the elements of a fantastic book! Linda Wisdom has definitely cast a spell with Hex Appeal and I enjoyed every magical moment. Overall, Hex Appeal is a really fun book and I am so glad to have discovered this wonderful series!! Look out for the third book in the series Wicked by Any Other Name due out March 1, 2009.


50 Ways to Hex Your Lover Review

Jasmine Tremaine is a witch with limited powers since she was banished into the mortal world in the year 1313. Every time she uses magic beyond her means or not for the greater good, she receives several hundred more years onto her punishment.

It is now the year 2007 and Jasmine is seeing her ex boyfriend Nikolai Gregorivich, now known as Nick Gregory, for the first time since 1972. Their relationship has always been rather rocky and they’ve been known to go centuries without seeing each other.

Nick Gregory is a vampire but also a cop. He’s working on a dangerous case involving a serial killer who might be the person responsible for the sudden disappearances of several vampires. Clive Reeves attacked Jasmine seventy years ago and she thought she would never hear his name again after she killed him. Somehow Clive did not die that night and is alive and well.

When Jasmine runs into Nick, he explains the case to her and asks for her help. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other so Jasmine is rather bitter and refuses to even talk to Nick. Eventually Nick’s sexy vampire charm wins Jasmine over and she is by his side helping him solve the case.

With some help from a ghost named Irma who is forever stuck in Jasmine’s car, Jasmine works hard to find a way to kill Clive Reeves one last time and for good. But Jasmine has no idea how evil Clive has become and quickly things become very scary for both Jasmine and Nick. Will they make it out alive or will they become yet another victim of Clive Reeves?

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is the first book in Linda Wisdom’s new paranormal romance series featuring a witch and vampire working side by side to solve a case. There was plenty of humor, mystery, romance, and paranormal elements to satisfy every reader’s tastes. I loved all of the witch spells, the characters, and the excitement of this book.

The relationship between Nick and Jasmine was sexy and a new concept since we never hear about a witch and vampire couple. 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is a fabulous first installment in a series that has already gained so many fans. I look forward to reading the second book Hex Appeal and learning more about these eccentric characters.

The Devil's Due Review

The Devil’s Due is the third book in urban fantasy author Jenna Black’s phenomenal series featuring Morgan Kingsley, an exorcist who is possessed by Lugh, the King of the Demons. Morgan has always been able to fight Lugh’s attempts at fully gaining control of her body and they have a mutual understanding that if a situation becomes dangerous, she will let him take control. Unlike other demon hosts, Morgan is unique in her ability to still be in control of her body even with a demon inside of her.

But things are changing for Morgan now since Lugh is gaining a lot more control then he’s previously possessed. Before Morgan would have to either be sleeping or concentrate to let Lugh in, but lately he has been breaking through her barriers and taking control of her body without as much effort. This frightens Morgan since the idea of being lost inside herself without a say in her own life is the last thing she wants.

Morgan receives a visit from a woman named Claudia Brewster who wants her son Tommy to be exorcised because she is convinced he is possessed by an illegal demon. Since Tommy is very anti-demon, it is shocking to learn that he legally registered to be a host, but Claudia insists that something isn’t right and her son would never want to host a demon. Morgan is unable to exorcise a legal demon as it is seen as murder and she would go to jail and lose her license to exorcise.

But this doesn’t stop her from investigating the situation to find out the truth. Unfortunately, quite a few people don’t want Morgan digging around looking for answers, and they let this be known. If Morgan keeps sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, she may be putting herself and Lugh in danger. Is Tommy a legal demon or has someone illegally taken possession of him?

Adam’s character is further developed and we learn a lot more about him and his relationship with Morgan. Morgan is put into an awkward situation at one point where she must chose between two people she cares about and her decision will make big changes in everyone’s lives. The war is intensifying, Lugh is building his team to help defend his throne, and the suspense builds to an extremely exciting conclusion.

The Devil’s Due is the BEST book in the Morgan Kingsley Series so far and it gets better and better with each book. The writing was flawless and I was blown away by this latest installment. The S&M that was a dominant part of The Devil Inside is practically non existent in The Devil’s Due which I appreciated. If you stopped reading after the first book, you might want to come back to this series now because it has grown and is outstanding.

The Devil’s Due is without a doubt an exceptional book that will blow you away. Overall, The Devil’s Due is superb and sizzles with originality. I adored every word in this action packed urban fantasy book and I know you will too. Look out for the fourth book Speak of the Devil due out in July 2009.

Winter Kissed Review

A Kiss of Frost is Michele Hauf’s version of the famous Jack Frost story about a killer snowman who comes to life to kill people who don’t treat the environment right. Kate Wilson spends her days photographing snowflakes, hoping to one day find two that are alike so she can collect a million dollars from the scientist who bet her that there was no such thing as two identical snowflakes.

Jal Frost is the God of Frost and has come to Earth to assassinate Kate for supposedly being cruel to the environment. But after seeing his victim, Jal becomes fascinated and oddly attracted to her. In human form, Jal forms a friendship with Kate and starts to fall in love with her. But her warm heart and these warm feelings are starting to make Jal melt and that’s not a good thing for the God of Frost. Will Jal complete his task or will his love for Kate interfere with his mission? How will Kate feel if she finds out what Jal really is?

Ice Bound is Vivi Anna’s take on the old myth of Yuki-Onna the snow woman who freezes travelers with just a kiss. Dr. Darien Calder has traveled to Japan to record and observe the transformation of the environment. But he is also there in the hopes of finding out more about the story of Yuki-Onna since he hasn’t been able to stop dreaming about the myth of ever since he first learned the story.

While traveling, Darien’s car becomes stuck in the snow and he is forced to get out of his car to try to fix the problem. When he sees a ghostly woman in a kimono, he feels her call to him and ends up yet another victim of the Ice Maiden’s deathly kiss. But Darien doesn’t end up dead like all of the other travelers. He’s different and has somehow broken some of the ice around the Ice Maiden’s heart. After learning about her banishment and the story of what happened, Darien can’t help but start to fall in love with Koori, the Ice Maiden. Will one of her kisses end up killing him or will they get their happily ever after?

The Winter Kissed Anthology by Michele Hauf and Vivi Anna is an interesting take on two legends, one of which I never heard of before, the Yuki-Onna story. After having read all of Vivi Anna’s Valorian Chronicles Nocturnes I was hoping for the same type of intensity and excitement in this Nocturne story as her others. However, I was disappointed with Ice Bound and expected more from one of my favorite authors. I will still hungrily eat up Vivi Anna’s fabulous Valorian Chronicles Series but I am wary to stray away from them again since that is what I truly enjoy from this talented writer.

As for Michele Hauf’s story A Kiss of Frost, this was the first that I’ve read by her and I’ve heard many wonderful things about her writing. It’s sometimes hard to judge an author’s work in such a short story at only 150 pages. I didn’t enjoy A Kiss of Frost not because of the author’s writing but because of the storyline, it was just not interesting to me. I will try future books by Michele Hauf in the hopes of enjoying it more then this one.


Kiss of a Dark Moon Review

Kit March has been hunting lycans for years to avenge the senseless deaths of her father and mother. The organization NODEAL has strict rules that women are not allowed to hunt but that doesn’t stop Kit from killing lycans in her spare time. The European version of NODEAL called EFLA is merging with NODEAL to put an end to rogue hunters like Kit. They’ve hired one of their best men to take her out, Rafe Santiago.

While fighting some lycans in an alley, Rafe comes to help Kit with the situation. Afterwards he introduces himself and inquires about her brother Gideon. Ever since Gideon saved his girlfriend Claire in the previous book Marked by Moonlight, he has been on the path to save all lycans instead of exterminating them like he’s supposed to. This puts Gideon also on the hit list and Rafe must find him and then take both Gideon and Kit out.

Somehow, Kit and Rafe end up extremely attracted to each other and giving in to their desires. Kit knows Rafe’s agenda and that she can’t trust him but she can’t ignore her feelings for him. When Kit and Rafe find out that NODEAL and EFLA notified the local lycans that Kit is a lycan hunter so they could help assassinate her, they both end up running for their lives.

Everywhere Kit goes, there’s lycans there trying to kill her. Rafe decides to help Kit escape since he doesn’t want to kill her until he knows where her brother is anyway. Together the unlikely pair runs for their lives from lycans and two merged organizations that will stop at nothing until Kit is dead. Will Kit and Rafe survive the ordeal or will one of them become a casualty in this mission? How will Kit deal with her feelings for Rafe?

KISS OF A DARK MOON is the second book in The Moon Chasers Series. In the first book, Marked by Moonlight we met Gideon. Kiss of a Dark Moon is told from his sister Kit’s point of view and we get to learn more about her. The story moves along at a fast pace with action, romance, fights, erotica, and mystery around every corner. Rafe is a mystery and even the reader doesn’t know if he can truly be trusted or not. Little by little clues are revealed and the tension builds until the exciting conclusion.

I absolutely adored KISS OF A DARK MOON and read it in only two days. The minute I picked it up, I could not put it down for literally 5 hours! I greatly enjoyed the first book but this one is even better. Sharie Kohler is the pen name of historical romance author Sophie Jordan. The Moon Chasers Series is off to a fabulous start and I eagerly look forward to Sharie Kohler’s next book.


Blood Sins Review

In Kay Hooper’s second book in the Blood trilogy, we are introduced to a very frightening serial killer who can kill people with just his mind. Father Samuel is the head of a Compound where families walk around like Stepfords brainwashed and under his spell. The Church of the Everlasting Sin poses as a group of religious followers, but Noah Bishop from the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit knows the truth behind this strange cult like group.

Father Samuel has many psychic abilities and over the years his powers have grown to the point where he is becoming extremely dangerous. He drains energy and powers from people at the Compound, sometimes to the point that they die. With every draining, Father Samuel becomes stronger and even more unstoppable.

Tess Gray is a member of Haven which is a group of psychics who help the FBI solve crimes. She is posing as a widower who wants to live at the Compound so she can investigate what is really going on there. Several bodies are turning up murdered, but no one knows how since there is no sign of brutality on the bodies or blunt force trauma even though their bones are being crushed to death. While Tess is working undercover at the Compound she meets Bishop and together they try to solve the mystery of who and what Father Samuel really is and how he is murdering people with just his mind as his weapon.

After having read the previous book, Blood Dreams, I was disappointed with the ending and wasn’t sure if I would like this new book Blood Sins. I was pleasantly surprised at how suspenseful and exciting Blood Sins turned out to be. The ending in this story was a lot more satisfying than Blood Dreams and it felt more complete.

Father Samuel’s character is written very well and is truly terrifying. Just picture a serial killer who no one can stop. He can invade into your thoughts and kill you with just his mind. That is truly terrifying! If you haven’t read Blood Dreams, that’s ok because Blood Sins reads like a stand alone story and can be understood without having read the previous book.

Overall, I am extremely happy that I gave Kay Hooper another try because I loved Blood Sins. I read this book in only two days which tells you it’s damn good. I would definitely recommend Blood Sins to readers who enjoy reading about psychics, serial killers, and FBI investigations. Blood Sins was definitely thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait for Kay Hooper’s next book!