Annette Blair Contest to win a $50 giftcard!!

Annette Blair is running a contest! Read below for rules on how to enter. I am not running this contest. I am just posting about it. Follow what it says below to enter.

Annette Blair's 2009 DOUBLE CONTEST!

Spread the Word Winners will be chosen on January 25th and February 25th. One winner on each date. Prizes: A $50 Gift card for Barnes & Noble OR Amazon. com that I will send directly to your email address.----

Rules: Notify me ONLY at accwitch1@aol.com with the subject line: 2009 DOUBLE CONTEST, of how you spread the word about my triplet witches, my new mystery, or my writing in general, and send me the web addresses where I can see what you've done.-------Here are some of the ways to spread the word:

---------Spread the word on any social site like myspace, facebook, etc.An Annette Blair banner (of your design; I don't have the software to design one myself) promoting my January & February books on your social site homepage for a month. 15 chances to win for each 30 day posting on your social site home page on which the banner is posted.Take any or all of the January or February book review quotes, or any of my triplet reviews (SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH or GONE WITH THE WITCH) from my home page at www. annetteblair. com and post them to the social sites. 2 chances for each quote posted on any or all of the social sites.---------------------

Other ways to enter:Order one of both of my January and February books (5 extra points if you order before their official release dates of January 6 for A VEILED DECEPTION and February 3rd for NEVER BEEN WITCHED) and forward me a copy of your confirmation or proof of purchase. 15 chances for each book ordered. (If purchased at a bookstore, scan the proof of purchase and email it to me or copy it and send the copy to Annette Blair, PO Box 302, Manville, RI 02838.)Post an Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders review of any of my witches or the mystery (Only if you think the story is worth a great review). 10 chances to win for each book reviewed.Blog about my books. 5 chances to win.Post this contest to your blog. 5 chances to win.------------------------------

If you can think of another way for my readers to spread the word about Annette Blair books, let me know. If I use it, you'll get 3 chances to win.---------------------------

If you've already done any of these things out of the kindness of your heart, THANK YOU. Email me to let me know at accwitch1@aol.com, and I'll enter you into the contest.DO NOT NOTIFY ME THROUGH ANY OF THE SOCIAL SITES OR AT ANY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS. YOU WILL ONLY BE ENTERED IF YOU EMAIL ME AT ACCWITCH1@AOL.COMHAPPY NEW YEAR!

Annette Blair, www. annetteblair. com

A VEILED DECEPTION, A Vintage Magic Mystery, Available Now, A Romantic Times TOP PICK! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENTER!

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