Destiny Kills Review

Destiny Kills starts off with excitement right away with the main character Destiny McCree waking up on a beach naked, suffering from temporary memory loss, and lying beside her dead boyfriend. She recalls bits and pieces of what happened and right away remembers she must continue her journey and not become captured by the dangerous scientists and hunters that are looking for her.

Destiny possesses paranormal powers that she doesn’t even remember but after a chance meeting with a man named Trae Wilson, he reminds her of who and what she is. Trae is a thief and Destiny knows he can’t be trusted. But the instant chemistry that they feel for each other tells her that he may be her soul mate.

Together Destiny and Trae go on an intense and dangerous journey to rescue and save Destiny’s family and friends before they are killed. Will they get to them in time or will Destiny be captured and sent back to where she originally escaped from? Will Destiny rediscover her powers and use them to save the day?

DESTINY KILLS is the first book in a new series by author Keri Arthur. The story is fast moving and intense with lots of fight scenes and sexy romance. I never read a story involving this type of paranormal beings so it was interesting to read about. The imagination level of DESTINY KILLS is very well done and I could vividly picture the scenes playing out like a movie.

The romance between Destiny and Trae was sweet and I enjoyed reading about their characters. I look forward to learning more about Destiny and Trae in the next book in this series. Overall, DESTINY KILLS was a great read that kept my interest and I would recommend it to paranormal readers who enjoy a new element to their story that hasn’t been done as much in this genre.


  1. Ooooh, I want to read this one!!! Great review, Rach. :)

  2. I was a no to this series, but I'm beginning to rethink it. Thanks for the review.

  3. Thanks Wendy!

    Hi Scooper! This was the first book tha tI've read by Keri Arthur so I may feel different then other people towards it. I liked it alot. Very fast paced and exciting. :)


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