Devil May Ride Review

Sadie Novak knows the pain and suffering families go through when dealing with a recent death in the family. She lost her brother Brian to suicide and personally cleaned up the mess. After experiencing such trauma and heartbreak, Sadie decided no one else should ever have to go through that. So she created a company called Scene- 2- Clean that cleans up the aftermath of crime scenes.

The only problem is, Sadie has a gift and it kind of makes her look crazy sometimes. While cleaning at the crime scenes, the ghosts of the recently departed tend to talk to her and ask for help. Sadie can see and communicate with the ghosts but to the general public this can seem a bit bizarre so she keeps it a secret from most people.

David Egan runs Scour Power, a company that cleans up meth labs and former drug houses. Sadie is good friends with David and they sometimes talk about business. But Sadie strictly deals with decomposition and David handles the meth labs. Unfortunately, David is away and asks for Sadie’s help in handling both companies until he gets back. Cleaning up after druggies can be really dangerous and isn’t Sadie’s forte but she agrees to the job.

While cleaning up a meth lab, Sadie hears the cries of a baby. After following the cries she finds a new born baby lying beside a dead mutilated goat. The baby is ok but when the ghost of its mother shows up, Sadie is completely freaked out. Usually Sadie deals with friendly nice ghosts but this one has glowing red eyes and when it touches Sadie her skin feels like its on fire! Apparently, Sadie interrupted an important satanic ritual and the evil ghost swears she will get revenge on Sadie for this.

The rest of Sadie’s jobs all seem to be connected back to the satanic ritual clean up. When some money goes missing at a scene, a gang of motorcyclists stalk Sadie and threaten her life. With nowhere else to turn, Sadie calls her partner Zack for protection and help. Their chemistry is undeniable but Sadie refuses to go down that road again with him. Will Zack be able to protect Sadie from being killed?

DEVIL MAY RIDE is the second book in the Ghost Dusters Mystery Series featuring Sadie Novak, a crime scene cleaner who can speak to the dead. DEVIL MAY RIDE is full of twists and turns that kept me intrigued and glued to the pages of this exciting paranormal mystery.

Sadie Novak finds out the truth about how she came into her unique gift and this answers a lot of questions for the reader. I was very pleased with the back-story on how everything came to be and it put a lot of pieces to the puzzle together.

This second installment shines with creativity and is quickly becoming a new favorite series for me. Overall, DEVIL MAY RIDE is even better then the first book and I eagerly await the next book in this series due out December 09.


  1. I need this book, but it seems like forever since I read the first one, almost too long! I may have to find it and see if I can refresh myself before reading this one. Is it my imagination or did it take a long time for release?

  2. Hey Charity! Thanks for coming by!!

    It's been a year since the last book. It was last December. I had trouble remembering stuff too but that's ok because this is a whole new mystery and a whole new storyline so it's ok if you dont remember the last book in vivid detail. And they remind you of anything you need to know. :) I loved this one so much. SO good!!

  3. I remember parts of it, specifically the ending and that I like it, it just kind of feels like forever since I read it LOL and the year went by fast!

  4. Wow. Sounds interesting! I'm hooked on Ghost Whisperer right now and it sounds like it would make a perfect episode lol.

  5. Hey Jen!
    My friend is reading this book right now and is loving it also. It's a really quick read and just so good!

    I never saw Ghost Whisperer before. Now you got me curious!


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