Night Shadow Review

Lexi Stone and Alex Stone are both operatives for T-FLAC, an organization that fights terrorism worldwide with highly skilled agents. The only common dominator between the two is that they both have the same last name and are both operatives for T-FLAC. While Alex works in the field as the leader of his group, Lexi has a desk job at the headquarters. Alex is a wizard with the abilities to teleport anywhere in the world and to make objects appear out of thin air. Lexi is a mortal with a high IQ and a photographic memory.

Lexi has been assigned to join Alex’s team of operatives and assist them on their latest mission. But secretly, Lexi is observing Alex’s every move because T-FLAC suspects him of going rogue. If he has in fact turned sides, then Lexi’s job is to terminate him. The mission that the two are going on starts in Russia and with the handy tool of teleportation they travel wherever they are needed.

There’s a group of terrorists that are holding large groups of people hostage and they possess a virus that if exposed to can slowly kill thousands of people over time. But these terrorists are showing up all over the world and whenever they’re found they just simply disintegrate into black dust. How can Alex and Lexi fight these terrorists if they’re not even human?

While working side by side, Alex and Lexi start to form an immediate attraction towards each other. Will Lexi be able to impartially observe Alex or will her close relationship with him cause conflict? How will Alex react when he finds out Lexi’s secret?

Night Shadow is a brilliant, action packed, paranormal suspense novel that thrilled me from the first word to the last. The story is masterfully plotted, extremely original, and kept me glued to the pages unable to put it down. However, romance readers be advised, the romance aspect of Night Shadow is minimal as the action and adventure take front seat. Overall, Night Shadow exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to read more Cherry Adair books!


  1. Ooh sounds neat! A bit like Jayne Ann Krentz's Arcane Society maybe.

  2. I never read Jayne Ann Krentz so I am not sure on the comparrison. But this one is REALLY good! :)


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