Night Huntress Review

The D’Artigo Sisters have battled demons and vampires before but ever since Trillian went missing the stakes are higher. They must find all of the spirit seals before the demons and this means they will be battling a lot of Other World beings to get to them first. Delilah, a werecat, is the narrator of Night Huntress and gives her perspective of the war between the two worlds. Delilah’s boyfriend Chase has been very distant lately but when she finds out the truth behind his cold shoulder, she is in for a real awakening. Will Delilah be able to forgive Chase or will this mean the end of their relationship?

Karvanak is back and after another spirit seal. But this time he knows how to get to the sisters on a more sinister level. He kidnaps someone from their group of friends thinking they will give up the seal in return for his hostage. But the sisters are not bargaining with a demon and will handle the situation in their own way, even if it means finding a way to kill Karvanak with just their two hands.

Camille misses Trillian and is still searching for answers on where he could be. She comes across someone who could possibly answer all of her questions but ends up desperately wanting to know more and why. Plus the girls’ father is also still missing and there hasn’t been any word on where he could be either.

Together, the sisters along with their husbands, boyfriend, and close friends, all team together to capture the seals and to save their friend before there is another casualty on their hands. Will this mission end in disaster or will it have a happy ending?

Night Huntress is the fifth book in the Otherworld Series and the second one told from Delilah’s point of view. I was hoping the story would continue right where the last one left off, with the group looking for Trillian, but very little is revealed about him in this book. The first 100 pages were rather slow reading for me with very little happening. The story did pick up after that and I would have enjoyed the surprises, if it wasn’t already revealed to me, on the back cover. There is a way to summarize things without revealing who, what and why and I was very annoyed that the back cover summary had such detailed spoilers.

I am a huge fan of Yasmine Galenorn’s books and I did enjoy Night Huntress despite the spoilers. The fight scenes were raw and I was rooting for the sisters to win the battle in the end. The creativity and imagination of Galenorn in these novels is endless. She has crafted a unique world that has captured my heart. I adore this series and I eagerly await the next book, Demon Mistress, Menolly’s story.


  1. Hi Rachael! I always look forward to reading your reviews :) Great review. This sounds like a very enjoyable series by Yasmine. I will have to check out her books. Thanks for sharing your review.


  2. I keep seeing this around and I've been tempted to try it out.

  3. You guys should check out Yasmine's books. I love them and once you start you get addicted.


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