A Red Hot Valentine's Day Review

A Red Hot Valentine’s day is an erotica anthology comprised of four authors’ stories revolving around Valentine’s Day. In TORN DESIRES by LACY DANE, a widow named Sophia is trying for the affections of a prominent man, Lord Quinton, but he has other plans. He has no desire to make her his new wife and has called a matchmaker to bring him more suitable women. Along with the matchmaker comes the woman’s friend, a very good looking man named Alistair. Alistair decides if Lord Quinton won’t take Sophia as his wife and treat her right, then maybe he will. Together they have a sexy love affair that leads Sophia to having to decide between the two men.

In GET THERE by MEGAN HART a couple is dealing with counting the weeks before Valentine’s Day when they will finally be together in their new house. They send each other stories about themselves as different characters and different scenarios to bide the time until they can be together again. Will everything go smoothly with the house closings so Edie and Ty can have a joyous reunion?

HELL IS WHERE THE HEART IS by JACKIE KESSLER is the story of Jezebel the succubus and Daunuan the incubus and a flashback to when they first met in Hell. The story alternates in narration and goes from present tense to flashbacks. In the present tense, both sex demons are working on a job but their close proximity to each other is driving Daunuan insane with lust. He decides to pay Jezebel a visit and maybe have a little fun while he’s at it. In the flashbacks, Jezebel first meets Daunuan in Hell in their natural bodies. There is an immediate attraction that results in a lot of fun sexual encounters. Their chemistry is hot and undeniable, and Jezebel swears Daunuan will forever be etched in her heart and soul for all of time.

BY VALENTINE’S DAY BY JESS MICHAELS is a story about long awaited love between two people who thought they’d never end up together. Charlotte has loved Colin since she was a child but somehow they never ended up together. Now she is widowed and about to marry another man when Colin shows up at her door acting like a man who has lost his mind. He puts the moves on her in her study, with the maids in the next room, and before Charlotte can even ask him a question, he is making love to her. Will Colin be able to win Charlotte’s heart away from her soon to be husband?

A Red Hot Valentine’s Day consists of two historical, one paranormal and one contemporary romance erotica story. Out of all of the stories my favorite was Jackie Kessler’s since it involved Jezebel and Daunuan from her series. The stories weren’t as steamy as I thought they might be but they were still enjoyable to read.

TORN DESIRES by LACY DANE shocked me and was extremely kinky. GET THERE by MEGAN HART felt like it could be part of a novel and should be continued in a bigger book, great writer!

HELL IS WHERE THE HEART IS by JACKIE KESSLER made me yearn for the next book in her series and I adored every word, absolutely delicious. BY VALENTINE’S DAY BY JESS MICHAELS was the most charming and made me smile. Overall, A Red Hot Valentine’s Day is a romantic and sexy anthology that definitely put me in the mood for Valentine’s Day.


  1. Hi Rachael! I have this one in my TBR pile. Although I haven't read a historical before the two in this anthology I am looking forward to. Great review thank you for sharing your review.


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