The Demon King And I Review

Gillian Caruthers, along with her three sisters, are Guardian Keys. Their job is to protect Earth by guarding portals that beings from other worlds would use to infiltrate our world. Each sister is trained and has the power to protect Earth from certain beings. Gillian’s job is to guard against demons, people like King Arath.

King Arath is the king of the demons and the last person Gillian needs to have a crush on. But he’s not your typical evil demon, he’s really sweet! Gillian is having dreams about people close to her being murdered and after one dream turns out to be reality, she alerts the police. The murders seem to be the work of demons. Somehow other world beings are coming through the portals and murdering humans.

King Arath has the ability to always know what is going on in his world and doesn’t think the culprit is a demon. But Gillian has other ideas and is determined to protect herself and her family from these dangerous beings. When the bad guys hit close to home, Gillian is left with an ultimatum that she isn’t sure she can deal with. Will Gillian’s family make it out alive or will the beings from other worlds cause havoc on Earth?

Gillian finds her attraction to King Arath growing and doesn’t know how to handle it. How can two people from different worlds find love together when neither can live in the other’s world? When Gillian discovers the truth behind King Arath’s past she decides not to tell him what she knows. The war is on and King Arath is in a dangerous situation. Will he make it out alive or will a rogue demon put an end to his life once and for all?

THE DEMON KING AND I is the first book in a delightful new paranormal romance series. The story is told in first person point of view by the heroine, Gillian. There is a fun breezy flow to Candace Havens novel with a dash of chick lit that makes THE DEMON KING AND I a lighter read then your typical urban fantasy type book.

The storyline is slightly reminiscent of Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld Series as both books have a group of sisters with powers who protect the portals from otherworld beings. While Galenorn’s books are dark and gritty, Haven’s book is like a ray of sunshine on a dreary day. I enjoyed reading about a kind hearted demon and found it a refreshing change of pace.

Overall, THE DEMON KING AND I took me out of my book slump and was a pleasure to read. I would definitely recommend this book to romance readers who enjoy a fast paced paranormal with a chick lit flavor to it.


Fragile Review

Devon Manning survived an abusive childhood, life on the streets, and dabbling with drugs. Now that her life is changed for the better, she works as a social worker saving kids from abusive families. The work is extremely emotional for Devon and she has never forgotten her past abuse and everything she has suffered. But instead of being a victim, she is a survivor and is determined to save as many children as possible from abuse.

Luke Rafferty left the Army after suffering a gun shot to his leg. He became a doctor and left his Army friends behind and has tried to move on with his life. But every couple months, there’s a funeral for one of his old friends and it brings back all the memories.

Then there’s Luke’s twin brother who is emotionally unstable because of his abusive childhood and from seeing too much while in the Army. All of Luke’s friends seem to resent him for leaving them behind to fight the war by themselves but that was his choice. Now Luke is working long shifts in the ER and is interested in a pretty social worker named Devon who he frequently sees at the hospital.

When Devon and Luke begin dating, Devon has no idea how her life will drastically change. Someone is stalking her, or at least Devon and Luke seem to think so. Is someone really out to get Devon or is her mind playing tricks on her? Will Devon and Luke be able to have a lasting relationship or will something come between them?

Fragile is a fast paced book that sizzles with suspense and sexual tension equally. The characters are nicely developed and their pasts bring an interesting aspect to the story. While I normally dislike books involving any type of abuse, I couldn’t help but root for the heroine to finally find some happiness in her life.

Fragile is a romantic suspense but it is not a happy romantic type of story. The tone is rather depressing and sad at times, throw in some sex scenes, danger, suspense, and then a happily ever after. I did enjoy this book but there is only so much you can put your character through and I thought it was a bit too much.

I disliked the constant repeating of lines such as Devon reminding Luke over and over again that she isn’t fragile (hence the title). Also when a paragraph would end with a sentence, the same sentence would be repeated word for word in the next paragraph with a different character thinking it. These small nuances took away from the story and I couldn’t help but groan whenever Devon called Luke ‘’slick.’’ Overall, Fragile is a well written book but its faults outweigh the positives.


Demon Mistress


Flirting with Temptation Review

Babette Robinson has a problem with commitment. It doesn’t matter if it’s committing to one hair color, job, or man, she just doesn’t commit. After leaving yet another job, Babette decides to start her own business. She’s always had a talent for understanding people’s mannerisms and match making. So Babette decides to start a Love Doctor business where she helps put couples back together again after a break up. The business is doing great until a rich socialite named Kitty Carelle shows up needing Babette’s services.

Kitty is willing to pay Babette three times her normal fees if she could reconcile her relationship with a man named Jeff Eubanks. Babette has bills to pay and desperately needs this job but she has a conflict of interest. Jeff is Babette’s ex boyfriend, the one man she truly loved, the one who got away. How can Babette help Kitty get back together with Jeff when she still has feelings for him herself?

Babette decides to take the job, but she is worried her feelings for Jeff will cause problems. After arriving at the beach resort where Jeff lives, matters become even worse. Jeff has given Babette an ultimatum. If she can last one week without flirting with any guys, he will consider talking to Kitty. But if Babette even whistles at one man, then the deal is off. The reasoning behind this deal is that Jeff feels women can not commit to anything and if Babette, the ultimate non-committal person can commit, then there is hope for him and Kitty.

Will Babette make it through seven days of no flirting or will her close proximity to Jeff drive her truly insane with lust? Will Babette reconcile the relationship or will she steal Jeff for herself?

Flirting with Temptation is a romantic, funny, heart warming story by one of my favorite authors Kelley St. John. While the outcome of the story was kind of predictable, I still greatly enjoyed reading this contemporary romance. The side story of Babette’s grandmother searching for love again after losing her husband was very touching. Everything fit together nicely and I will definitely be on the look out for Kelley St. John’s next book. I highly recommend Flirting with Temptation to romance readers who enjoy a sweet romance that will make them smile.


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