The Demon King And I Review

Gillian Caruthers, along with her three sisters, are Guardian Keys. Their job is to protect Earth by guarding portals that beings from other worlds would use to infiltrate our world. Each sister is trained and has the power to protect Earth from certain beings. Gillian’s job is to guard against demons, people like King Arath.

King Arath is the king of the demons and the last person Gillian needs to have a crush on. But he’s not your typical evil demon, he’s really sweet! Gillian is having dreams about people close to her being murdered and after one dream turns out to be reality, she alerts the police. The murders seem to be the work of demons. Somehow other world beings are coming through the portals and murdering humans.

King Arath has the ability to always know what is going on in his world and doesn’t think the culprit is a demon. But Gillian has other ideas and is determined to protect herself and her family from these dangerous beings. When the bad guys hit close to home, Gillian is left with an ultimatum that she isn’t sure she can deal with. Will Gillian’s family make it out alive or will the beings from other worlds cause havoc on Earth?

Gillian finds her attraction to King Arath growing and doesn’t know how to handle it. How can two people from different worlds find love together when neither can live in the other’s world? When Gillian discovers the truth behind King Arath’s past she decides not to tell him what she knows. The war is on and King Arath is in a dangerous situation. Will he make it out alive or will a rogue demon put an end to his life once and for all?

THE DEMON KING AND I is the first book in a delightful new paranormal romance series. The story is told in first person point of view by the heroine, Gillian. There is a fun breezy flow to Candace Havens novel with a dash of chick lit that makes THE DEMON KING AND I a lighter read then your typical urban fantasy type book.

The storyline is slightly reminiscent of Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld Series as both books have a group of sisters with powers who protect the portals from otherworld beings. While Galenorn’s books are dark and gritty, Haven’s book is like a ray of sunshine on a dreary day. I enjoyed reading about a kind hearted demon and found it a refreshing change of pace.

Overall, THE DEMON KING AND I took me out of my book slump and was a pleasure to read. I would definitely recommend this book to romance readers who enjoy a fast paced paranormal with a chick lit flavor to it.


  1. Lol. I just finished reading a review by someone who hated this. Not really sure how I would enjoy it though it does sound kind of neat...

  2. After I finished my review I was looking online and saw a bad review too of this book. I think it was Errant Reviews. I understand her points of the book being a mix of genres and not sticking to one genre. However I don't agree about the dialogue being cliche and a parady of romance at all. I had started two books and put them down because I couldnt get into them and this book I was able to get right into. I like when people transport or teleport to different worlds, that always has my interest. The print was nice and big in my ARC so it was easy to read, that's a plus. The writing wasnt complicated and I didnt have to reread things to figure them out. It's just a quick nice read that was different for me and I enjoyed it. I'm not sure if everyone will enjoy it but I did. :)

  3. It sounds interesting, I may have to try it out. I hadn't heard of it before, thanks for the heads up!

  4. Nice review Rachael, this is one I missed! :(

  5. Hey Charity and Kimberly!
    Sorry I didnt see your comments to respond sooner. Thanks Kimberly! Charity, it's a fun book and I really enjoyed it. It does have mixed reviews but it was enjoyable to me.


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