The Dead Girls' Dance Review

Claire Danvers is trying to be a normal college student but life in Morganville is far from normal. She still can’t go out at night without worrying about being attacked by vampires. The bullies at the college are still torturing her and Shane is still incredibly sexy and tempting to her. When we last left Claire in Glass Houses, one of the roommates was brutally attacked. The story picks up right where the last one left off, as if no time has passed.

After Shane called his father and his biker friends for help, they arrived in full force but unfortunately they did anything but help. They are on a mission to kill all of the vampires in Morganville and any association with the bikers means a sure death sentence for the roommates.

Monica is still up to no good but this time the tables have changed. Claire finds herself in a situation where she has Monica’s life in her hands and she has no choice but to save her. Shane is in grave danger, Michael isn’t coping well with his little problem, and Eve is right there by Claire’s side through it all. Will one of the roommates not make it out alive this time or will brilliant Claire find a way to save the day?

The Dead Girls’ Dance at a local fraternity sounds like it would be a lot of fun, especially for gothic Eve. But the dance is on the same night as the roommates’ showdown with some vampires and disaster ensues. The vampires of Morganville are a mixed bunch with some being evil, but some actually kind and trust worthy. Can Claire depend on her new ally Amelie or will she turn out to be like all of the rest?

The Dead Girls’ Dance is the second book in the Morganville Vampires Series featuring Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve. Claire barely has had any time to adjust to Morganville since arriving because of the constant chaos surrounding her. The romance between Claire and Shane is growing, Eve and Michael are becoming closer, and they are all running for their lives. Everywhere they turn; someone is attacking or trying to kill them, especially Claire. Will the roommates find a way for everyone to make it out alive or will there be casualties this time around?

The Dead Girls’ Dance is a thrill ride from beginning to end and has made Rachel Caine a new favorite on my list. The writing flows very well and is so captivating that I couldn’t put this book down at all! Everything about The Dead Girls’ Dance is perfect and made it a pleasure to read. The suspense is intense and I love the characters and how they are developing. Overall, this is a damn good book and I can’t recommend this series enough!


  1. Great review, Rachael!! I've never read anything by her and you know I'm kinda weird when it comes to YA but this series sounds cool! lol.

  2. Hey Wendy! I haven't heard from you in a long time! These books are written very well and can be enjoyed by adults too. They're not dumbed down or anything like that. And they're such quick reads!


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