Immortal Danger Review

Maya Black’s life changed forever when she was attacked in an alley and turned into a vampire. She said goodbye to her career as a cop in L.A. and decided she would still hunt the bad guys despite her situation. But the bad guys she hunts are her own kind. She doesn’t differentiate between vampires, werewolves or demons; if they’re evil she will hunt them down and kill them.

Adam Brody has traveled from Maine to L.A. to meet Maya and ask her for help. His niece Cammie has been kidnapped by a group of vampires who plan to present her to their master as the ultimate gift. Adam knows of Maya’s reputation as the toughest vampire out there. No matter how hard anyone tries, she is unstoppable. Adam is hoping Maya will take on his case and help him bring his niece home safely.

When Adam and Maya meet it is instant chemistry between the two. He helps defend her in fight after fight, and Maya can’t help but wonder if Adam is even human. He doesn’t smell human, and his blood sure as hell doesn’t taste like it. So what is Adam and if he has his own abilities, why would he need Maya’s help?

Maya and Adam team up and travel to Las Vegas to find Cammie and to battle the Born Master, Nassor. Maya has a history with Nassor and is only too thrilled at a chance to defeat him once and for all. Will they find Cammie and bring her safely home or will Nassor receive his gift and put an end to this mission?

Immortal Danger is a paranormal romantic suspense novel by the very talented Cynthia Eden. This book is a stand alone story but has potential to become another series. There is plenty of suspense, steamy sex scenes that sizzle, and a romantic storyline that you can’t help but root for. Cynthia Eden keeps the reader on the edge of their seat from the first page to the last satisfying page.

I love how the author seamlessly meshes werewolves, demons, vampires, and other paranormal beings into her stories as if they usually live amongst each other every day. The battles that Maya and Adam fought were very well written with every scene described in just enough detail that I could picture it perfectly.

Overall, I immensely enjoyed Immortal Danger and every other Cynthia Eden book that I’ve read so far! This author does not disappoint and I highly recommend Immortal Danger to readers who are looking for a book that will keep them up all night reading.

Immortal Danger will be released on March 31, 2009!
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  1. Immortal Danger sounds so good. I have to try Cynthia Eden's books. I been hearing great things about her books. Love this cover too. Great review.

    Thank you Rachael for another new to me author whose books I need to get now :)


  2. Very cool! Again, something else I simply must check out! You've got to stop adding to the TBR monster mountain!

  3. Hey you are always adding to my TBR pile too! LOL Cynthia Eden is awesome. You have to try her too!


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