Winners from RT?!! WHERE?!

Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find the full list of winners from the RT for 2009?!! I have been googling and looking everywhere. I don't even see it on the RT site yet either. HELP!

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you Romantic Times for letting me know as soon as the list posted! :)


The Girl Most Likely To... Review

Kat Cavanaugh’s first sixteen years of her life in Persuasion, West Virginia weren’t exactly what fairy tales are made up of. She lived in an abusive home her whole life and it’s never been easy for her growing up. After becoming pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby at only sixteen, Kat didn’t know what to do. It didn’t help that before she could even tell her boyfriend the news, he dumped her. Instead of having two loving parents to run to, Kat’s father was too busy having sex with the governor’s wife and Kat’s mother kicked her out onto the street.

Somehow Kat came upon a kind man while hitchhiking who set her up in a nice home with a woman named Phyllis who took Kat in, no questions asked. Kat raised her son Aidan with the help of Phyllis and if it wasn’t for her maybe Kat wouldn’t have turned out as great as she has.

Now the time has come for Kat to return home to West Virginia and to face the father of her child, Riley Bohland. There’s just one little problem. It’s been twenty years and Riley has no idea that he even has a child! Kat is trying to be open and honest about everything in her life and the first step is introducing her now twenty year old son to the father he never knew. What will happen when Kat and Riley meet for the first time again after being apart for so long? Will Riley hate Kat for what she’s done by keeping Aidan a secret or will their love reignite and pick up right where they left off?

THE GIRL MOST LIKELY TO is a heart warming, emotional, extremely well written, romance novel that does not read like your typical romance. After reading the back cover and discovering this was another ‘’small town girl returns to her home town to win back the guy and show him how great she is now’’ type story, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. But upon reading a couple chapters into the book I quickly realized this is not anything like those other stories that I’ve read.

The main character isn’t back in town because she wants to show off her new skinny body. She’s there to tell her ex boyfriend that she had his baby twenty years ago and that he’s a father. The moral dilemmas of whether Kat did the right thing by not returning to town sooner to tell Riley about his son are what gives this book so much depth. At first I hated Kat for what she did but upon learning about her childhood and what Aidan would be exposed to, I understood and felt she made the right decision.

Kat’s past is slowly uncovered piece by piece as she remembers all of the details of her childhood. With so much trauma she has shut the memories out of her mind, but with returning to her old home, everything is coming back to her and it’s not pleasant. I think Susan Donovan did an excellent job with balancing the emotional trauma, the romance, the heart break and everything. The story reads more like women’s fiction then a regular romance novel so be aware that this isn’t a funny, laugh your ass off kind of book. Overall I was deeply moved by Donovan’s writing and would highly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy a great story.


Zen and the Art of Vampires Review

Pia Thompson is nearing forty years old and still hasn’t found that special someone to share her life with. She decides to go on a singles’ tour through Europe in the hopes of meeting Mr. Right. While in Iceland, Pia is challenged by a friend on the tour to hurry up and find herself a hot guy, perhaps one of the two who are walking right by her. Pia decides to talk to the two gorgeous men, not knowing that they are Dark Ones, aka vampires. This chance meeting sets off events that change Pia’s tour from anything but relaxing.

After meeting up with one of the guys back in her hotel room, the next morning Pia finds a dead body in her bathroom. Pia’s date is gone and she is left holding the murder weapon. After someone catches her in this compromising situation, Pia runs for her life and ends up in a tug of war battle between The Dark Ones and a Brotherhood. They seem to think she is their Zorya even though Pia has no idea what that even means. Pia swears she’s not a Zorya but then why are there ghosts following her all around now?

She finds herself in a love triangle between two men and Pia must make the choice between following her heart or doing what destiny has decided for her. Will Pia find love on the tour, find the killer, and make it out alive? Who are The Dark Ones and The Brotherhood and why do they all want Pia’s hand in marriage?

ZEN AND THE ART OF VAMPIRES is the sixth book in the Dark Ones Series by paranormal author Katie MacAlister. Although this is the sixth book, it can definitely be read independently. The next book in the series Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang is due out in May 2009 and continues the story with the same characters. I found Katie MacAlister’s writing addicting, humorous, suspenseful and all around fun to read!

The characters are well drawn out with every person being unique down to the ghosts. I loved the references to the Buffy and Angel TV shows which I found hilarious for the character to blurt out when meeting vampires for the first time. The love scenes were sexy and the chemistry between the characters was sizzling. Katie MacAlister surely knows how to entertain her readers and I was glued to ZEN AND THE ART OF VAMPIRES from page one to the last. I anxiously look forward to reading the rest of Pia’s adventures in the next book.


Angie Fox Contest on Novel Reads!

Awesome contest over at Novel Reads with my dear friend Charity!

From her blog:
Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday their would be prizes, and whoo boy do we have prizes! Signed books! Kiss My Asphalt Tee Shirts! Cover Flats, anyone? Oh, and SIGNED GALLEY PAGES from The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers! So, what do I have to do? you may ask, to win such Novel prizes?

Head over to Novel Reads to enter this contest! Tell Charity that RachaelfromNJ sent you please?! And make sure to find out your Biker Witch Name here and tell Charity when you post!

Also head over to Charity's beautiful new blog and enter there too for double enteries!


Magic in the Blood Review

Allie Beckstrom has been through a lot in her life because of her job as a Hound, sniffing out illegal spells to identify the castor. When we last left Allie in Magic to the Bone she had fallen in love with a man named Zayvion Jones and was recovering from her last job.

Now with the start of Magic in the Blood, Allie suffers constant migraines, fevers, and memory loss as a result of using magic. Magic doesn’t come free and this is the price she has to pay. But without her memories, she is starting all over from square one with Zayvion and is conflicted on whether he is trust worthy or not. Sometimes she is crazy about him but other times she wonders whose team he is really playing for.

When the police hire Allie for a Hounding job for their magic enforcement division, she jumps at the chance to take her mind off of her problems and get to work. Allie needs to sniff out a spell and tell the police who the illegal castor is so they can find out who has kidnapped a bunch of young girls.

Allie has no idea that this case is her most dangerous one ever and is not as simple as she thought it would be. She comes across a group of ghosts which she calls watercolor people who attack her every time she uses magic. How can Allie work as a Hound and do her job if these watercolor people won’t leave her alone? Everywhere she goes, there are ghosts lately. It doesn’t help that Allie’s father’s ghost is haunting her too! Will Allie be able to find the missing girls and not get hurt in the process?

Magic in the Blood is the second book in a fabulous new urban fantasy series by author Devon Monk. I was blown away by this latest installment that left me breathless and shocked with every new revelation. The world that Devon Monk has created is so believable and realistic with vivid scenes that play out like an action movie. For the first 100 pages Magic in the Blood builds up to everything that is about to happen and once the suspense starts, it never lets up.

The ending to the story is the most exciting cliff hanger I’ve read in a while and I can’t wait to read the next book now! I would strongly recommend reading this series in order, starting with Magic to the Bone or the reader may not fully understand the storyline as well. There is some back-story but I enjoyed the story more having read the previous book and wouldn’t want others to be lost for any details.

The third book Magic in the Shadows is due out November 3, 2009. Overall, Magic in the Blood is a heart stopping, suspenseful, urban fantasy, paranormal mystery that blew me away and exceeded all of my expectations. Devon Monk has created an extremely imaginative world that I want to live in and never leave.



I am in the middle of reading about five books. I never read more then one book at once but I am just having trouble getting into anything lately. Why can't I concentrate on one book?!! Wendy, give me my mojo back please! Any tips to help me settle on one book and stick with it?


A trip to the bookstore..

I had a really bad day at work so a trip to the bookstore was in order! I bought these two books even though I won't get to read them anytime soon, it's nice to admire them. I'm very behind on my reviews because of work but with only one day left, I will be catching up in no time. In other news, I think I have an ear infection and it's giving me horrible migrains that are making me dizzy feeling sick. They come out of nowhere and I know I should see a doctor. Haven't read in nearly a week because of everything. Hopefully I will have a weekend full of reading once the stress of work ends for the tax season. So more reviews coming soon! Has anyone read Cassandra Clare's books? They sound so good! There was a gorgeous display in B&N and it really caught my attention. All of the books are very clearly numbered in order so it made it very easy to figure out which was the first in the series. Stephenie Meyer has a big quote on the display and I can't remember the exact wording but it was catchy! I'm intrigued. I hope it's good!


Magic in the Shadows Cover Art!!

Book #2 MAGIC IN THE BLOOD isn't out until May 5th, but already the next book's cover is available to see, yayyy!!

Book #3, MAGIC IN THE SHADOWS will be available November 2009! I love this cover!! Awesome!