Daring the Moon Review

Taite Gibson is an investigator for the Pima County Attorney’s Office and doesn’t normally scare easy. But when a werewolf attacks her, she learns what it means to truly be terrified for her life. Taite’s friend Declan O’Connell is there with her to witness the werewolf attack and is determined to find a way to protect her from this vicious creature.

Declan has a friend named Ryder Merrick who is a horror author and knows all about werewolves. Declan hopes Ryder will be able to tell him how to protect themselves from this werewolf and hopefully kill it.

Declan and Taite travel to the remote island home of Ryder and beg him for his help with the werewolf. But Ryder doesn’t want to visit with anyone and the last thing he wants to do is teach Declan and Taite all about werewolves. Despite his reluctance, Ryder welcomes the two into his home for the night. Instantly, Ryder and Taite feel chemistry and can’t deny their instant attraction.

Will Ryder help Declan and Taite learn about werewolves? Will Declan discover secrets about Ryder that he would have rather not known? Will Taite find herself in love with Ryder and not see the werewolf coming when he decides to attack? Will they make it off the island alive or will a sneak attack change their lives forever?

DARING THE MOON is a paranormal romance that sizzles with danger, romance and sexy scenes that are extra steamy. This is the first book that I’ve read by Sherrill Quinn and I loved every page of it! The story moves along at a fast pace as Declan and Taite are running from a werewolf but without the knowledge of how to stop him. Ryder holds all of the answers but refuses to help them and this leads to a lot of tension in his friendship with Declan.

The romance between Taite and Ryder is very entertaining and had my interest from the beginning. I am definitely a huge fan of Sherrill Quinn now and look forward to her next book Seducing the Moon and her story in the anthology Belong to the Night. Overall, DARING THE MOON is a fantastic book and I can’t wait to read more by this very talented author!

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